Thank G-d for Israel: Reality check
Thank G-d for Israel: Reality check

Let me join the chorus of grateful Israelis in thanking American president Donald J. Trump for moving his embassy to our ancient and eternal capital Jerusalem. May the American President and his nation bask in the glory of being among those who bless G-d's children.

His actions, coupled with the actions of another world leader confirm that the most important work we Jews do is in the Land of Israel.

Neither Lord Arthur Balfour or President Trump acted in a vacuum. For the 30 years before the Foreign Minister of Britain endorsed the idea of a Jewish State, over 100,000 Jews began to rebuild the Land. For 2,000 years, nothing more than tumbleweed grew there. Once we returned the Land turned green. Fruits sprouted in abundance. Flowers dotted every landscape. Even types of wheat, unknown for thousands of years, were rediscovered in the reborn soil.

Balfour simply recognized reality. After benefiting from the hi-tech innovations of Israeli leader Chaim Weizman, and using intelligence gathered by NILI agents which made possible Edmund Allenby's conquest of Israel, he understood that the structure we created had to stand.

Today, Jerusalem is rebuilt in so many ways. It’s the first city on earth to be covered in wi-fi. It is one of the top 10 hi-tech growth centers. The largest Israeli hi-tech exit, Mobileye, took place in Jerusalem. The finishing touches are being put on a hi-speed railway shuttling people from Tel Aviv to the capital city in less than half an hour.

Jerusalem rivals any European center in style, culture, and commerce.

When you see the transformation of Jerusalem in the last 25 years you can only come to one conclusion: nobody loves Jerusalem like the Jewish People.  

That is what President Trump said in his December 6 speech: Jerusalem is Israel’s capital.  This is nothing more, or less, than a recognition of reality.

He couldn't have done this if the most populous city wasn't Jerusalem, there wasn't a huge economy, government presence, or universities flourishing. He definitely wouldn’t have done it if we ever gave parts of her away.

In moving his embassy, we didn't make President Trump's job easy, but we certainly made it possible. The same can be said for Lord Balfour.  

The reality they acted on was built by the Jews who toiled in the land.

That's what being a citizen of Israel means. You create the reality all the powers in this world react to.

It's the reality Europe accepts as they buy more and more Israeli products and make larger investments in our hi-tech companies. It’s the reality Saudi Arabia and the Sunni Arab world has understood as they all form de facto alliances with us. Even Asia has joined the party with China, India, and Japan all sending their leaders to our shores, cutting free trade deals and purchasing billions in hi-tech and agricultural projects with no concern over European or Muslim response.

Everyone living in Israel makes this difference. Decades from now, when more realities are built, and the entire world is reeling in awe of what we in Israel toiled to create, the question will stand:

What was your role in this?

Do yourself a favor and check out your local Nefesh B’ Nefesh office and ask some questions. Take an hour a week out to do the research on how you can continue your career, maintain your lifestyle, expand your horizons, and live in Israel.


It has been reported recently that people in Saudi Arabia are injecting their camels with botox and giving them plastic surgery.

It’s no wonder why they are so quick to allow movies and concerts.

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