The night is darker just before dawn
The night is darker just before dawn

Imagine the scene. Almost no Iranians know what that building contains. In February 2016, the Israeli Mossad finds out what that building stores and starts to monitor it.

Then Israeli agents raid it one night last January, remove the original documents on the Iranian atomic program and snatch them to Israel. Everything happens during the same night.

US President Trump had been informed of the operation by Mossad chief Yossi Cohen, who was on a visit to the White House in January. The documents are in Persian and night and day a team of Israeli experts got to work and translate them. A few days ago, Benjamin Netanyahu revealed them to the world.

Iran discovered that the Israelis had infiltrated its secret warehouse only months after the operation. Meanwhile, international intelligence - the Germans, the French, the English, the Italians - remained in deep sleeps. And the bureaucrats of half the world were busy beating on their microphones in favor of the nuclear deal with Iran, ensuring us that we could depend on the total good faith of the ayatollahs - doing this for greed, for cowardice, for weakness.

In 1981 no one had noticed that the mad dog Saddam Hussein was producing an atomic bomb at Osirak. And Israel revealed and struck it.

In 2007 no one had noticed that Bashar el Assad was producing an atomic bomb in the Syrian desert. And Israel revealed and struck it.

In 2018 no one had noticed that Iran, despite a commitment to dismantle everything, had kept an immense archive of data and techniques to make 5 atomic bombs. And Israel revealed and went off with it, but in these very hours, Islam-submitted Europe is already diminishing the revelation of the Mossad.

The Iranian atomic bomb would be like uniting the destruction of Hiroshima, the hate of Auschwitz and the madness of Islamist martyrdom.

This story, which could be the script of a great action movie, indicates something else, and that is the source of this impressive audacity: the absolute, unique and irreducible will of Israel to hold the fate of the Jewish people in its own hands.

The night is darker just before dawn. This is never as true as it is for Israel, the night it stole Iranian atomic secrets or it bombed the Syrian reactor. Instead, I fear that Europe's night will last longer than expected.