Thank G-d for Israel: Time to drop Hollywood
Thank G-d for Israel: Time to drop Hollywood

I should be outraged at Natalie Portman's behavior in giving the BDS movement their Holy Grail. For humiliating us in front of the entire world by refusing to accept a $2 million award in Jerusalem. I am supposed to be disturbed that an Israeli-born Jew would stand in solidarity with 3,000 Hamas savages and barbarians intent on murdering our sons and raping our daughters.

Natalie Portman just wants to impress the right people of influence. She is a mutant from a toxic swamp that needs to be drained. Soon enough she will be flushed down the toilet bowl of history. Her way is not in our future.

Hollywood has become one of the greatest enemies of Israel, America, and all mankind. The only way to destroy them is to boycott them.

Let’s beat them at their own game!

Let’s silence, once and for all, the talking heads of Hollywood by cutting them off like an ISIS jihadi on steroids.

Can it be Done?

You might be saying to yourself, "What's the point? These companies are so big, how will I make an impact?"

The top three media companies have around $11 billion in cash. They have also burdened themselves with over $114 billion in debt. They owe more money than the national economies of three quarters of the nations on earth!

They are able to borrow so much because banks are betting on their continued growth. If they were to stop growing, their debt would sink them.

If enough of us stopped spending money on monthly cable bills, movie tickets, DVDs and the like, the impact will far greater because their massive debt levels make them super sensitive to small drops in quarterly sales. Reduced growth projections mean smaller stock prices means less ability to refinance or borrow more mean the Natalie Portman’s of the world will have to actually work for a living.

Case in point: For most of the football season, the NFL owners thought taking a knee was cool. That was until ratings for games dropped and ad revenue started to dry up. Once it was about money, the NFL commissioner somehow rediscovered his patriotism and Colin Kaepernick mysteriously disappeared from the league.

Every one of us does make a difference.

Can I Live Without Another Will and Grace?

Let's be honest. Hollywood is our drug. Without it we would have to deal with reality all the time, and that’s not easy.

Is it possible to go without and still be able to wake up every day refreshed?

About 10 years ago I decided to limit my TV. It was one of the hardest things I ever did. I had absolutely no idea what I would do with so much time on my hands.

It turned out to be one of the greatest decisions of my life.

Here is my laundry list of things you can do to ditch Hollywood and become your own superstar!

Make Aliyah. Move to Israel where real life is more exciting than the movies.

See live events. Community theatre is cheap and awesome. Some of the best Broadway productions are played out in local theatres across the world. You can tell everyone you have seen Le Mis or Phantom, explain the entire play, without having to say where you saw it. Quite often, off Broadway plays are even more ev vougue then the commercial alternative.

Youtube. You would be amazed to discover how many movies prior to 1960 are available. They come from a time without profanity, without sex scenes, and even without color (screened in black and white). The writers, actors, and producers actually had to work to create intriguing stories and genuine dialogue.

Books. As entertaining as television, easy reads let you kick back while exercising your imagination, vocabulary, and that all-purpose mega skill: patience.

Nature. Once a week pick a place and walk. Bring a coffee thermos. Go alone or with someone.

Family. Dedicate one day a week to going out with your mother, father, spouse. Give one evening completely to your children. Play chess with your daughter or kick the ball around with your son.

Volunteer. Who says you have to change the world? Do a simple, once a week deed that makes an impact on others, and most of all yourself.

Career Advancement. Dedicate 1-2 days to honing in on a skill. Go to meetups, lectures, or just find a place to mingle with likeminded people.

Don’t worry about feeling out of place for not seeing last night’s episode or missing the game winning home run. You will be shocked at how many times you become the center of attention because you spent the night doing something most people wish they had the determination to.

You will be amazed at how many people will want to get closer to you so they can ad some spice to their life. You can even chalk this up as part of the volunteer option!

This arms you with a double-edged sword.

On one edge, you are piercing the enemies of Israel and mankind by cutting them in the jugular. On the other edge, you are making your life exciting by expanding and improving who you are by becoming the very person civilization was created to empower.

Every week you can expect me, David Ben Horin, to be writing this column, Thank God for Israel. Writing and fighting to give my every morsel of wisdom to the good people who love my beloved country. Even to the not so good people who should love my country, it's never too late to see the light. And why don't you check out