The shrinking of James Comey
The shrinking of James Comey

President Trump has “average sized hands.” So what else is new? Nothing much from James Comey who is making the rounds to sell his tell-all book.

Comey’s beef is entirely personal, but even if he represents Deep State only by half, our nation is in big trouble from what’s being schemed behind Trump’s back.

Trump needs to clean house entirely from these backstabbers warming up in the bullpen.

Comey is likely to make big bucks from spilling the beans, but this citizen keeps asking – What’s in it for us? Will any of this fatten my paycheck? Is any of this in the national interest? So far at least, much as he’s trying to harm the president as off he goes on his book tour, gladly obliged by the media, he keeps shooting blanks.  

Trump hasn’t been touched by anything even remotely scandalous, except for Comey’s personal disdain, which counts as one (sick) man’s opinion, and nothing more.

So in case you were wondering, Trump is “shorter than I thought” and “his tie is too long.”

There it is, and now you don’t have to buy the book.

Anyway, compared to Comey, everybody is short. Comey stands at 6 feet 8. That’s tall, yet every time he speaks he belittles himself.

We’ve been conditioned, by the media, to prefer malicious talebearing over legitimate news. That’s our loss.
Worse, he belittles America. He diminishes himself and embarrasses the culture that produced him. A grown man like that, and yet he’s a cry-baby. Why are we listening to this guy? (I do it so you won’t have to.) One reason, I guess, is that we are suckers for gossip and Comey, since Trump fired him from his post as head of the FBI – Comey is a tattler. He has dirt to dish.

We’ve been conditioned, by the media, to prefer malicious talebearing over legitimate news. That’s our loss.

The New York Times and the big three networks will usually lead with a porn star’s reckless and unsubstantiated accusations against Trump…Stormy Daniels OMG! coverage again today!

No wonder, then, that our high school and college kids are being cloned to think alike…like good little Liberals.

Today, gossip-mongering and hatchet-job reporting are what pass for both news and entertainment, from Joe and Mika in the morning to Kimmel and Colbert at night.

Cousin Moishe in Jerusalem tells me not to be so amazed. it’s the same in Israel by the media against Netanyahu. Similarly rapacious.

Over here, Comey is their man with the goods, or so they dream…and they are still on the trail (gone cold) of Russia collusion.

They’ll give him (and Mueller) all the time he needs to come up with ANYTHING. Their appetite against Trump is insatiable.  

They can’t help themselves…but what’s our excuse?

Comey dished it most recently at a sit-down with George Stephanopoulos, who represents ABC News BOTH as an anchorman and as a diehard Hillary supporter (that’s how it works these days) – so if it’s anything that’ll trash Trump, Stephanopoulos will listen, as will the rest of the gluttonous media that is always poised to lap it up.

So here comes Comey, a man once thought of as a straight shooter who turns out to be nothing but a snitch…a snitch and an opportunist.

Between Stephanopoulos and Comey, typical was this exchange – “Do you think Trump is a liar?” Answer: “Yes.” The bang-bang timing was likewise neatly rehearsed.

Then this: “Trump is morally unfit to be president” …to: “He acts like a mob boss.”

If schoolyard heckling like that makes Comey feel good, chalk one up for him. But what’s in it for the rest of us?

I’ll keep asking that question until I get an answer.

[Postscript: Did not watch the full ABC interview. Instead, on YouTube caught 1977 Annie Fischer’s Beethoven’s Piano Concerto #3, Antol Dorati conducting. Blew me away.)

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