Europeans love war – must we?
Europeans love war – must we?

At least to this observer, UK prime minister Theresa May has been sounding a touch hysterical – or maybe it’s just me who finds this getting out of hand.

She’s now got the United States backed into taking punitive action against Russia. This, as we expel 60 Russian diplomats as part of a united front that includes 14 European countries, all of whom say that, “It’s time to do something about Russia.” The pundits agree. All of the same mind that, “It’s time to put Putin in his place” ...and “Enough is enough.”

Enough of what?  Seems that the Russians poisoned a couple of dissident Russians somewhere in England, Salisbury to be exact, so this means? This, read all about it, means war.

We are not quite there yet, but it sounds like somebody thinks a Cold War is fine, but that a Hot War would be better, as we wrote in “Cool-hand Trump vs war-hawk Dems”

Once again, just this morning, we find May addressing Parliament with words to die for, like this – “It [the alleged poisoning] is part of a pattern of increasingly aggressive Russian behavior.”

For aggressive behavior off the scale, she might consider what the poison-hearted Palestinian Arabs keep doing to the Israelis in “Days of Rage” – often with British and EU approval.

I get it that Putin has schemes not in our favor, sure, but what’s alarming is the haste to take up battle stations that can only push Putin to the brink…over what is not that clear.

“A clear breach,” May goes on to say, as a summons to the world to get tough.

Even though, by the way, there is no proof that the Russians did anything. So maybe it’s simply a time for war. The Europeans need it every so often – quite often in fact.

Most times the entire continent gets into the act – seldom is it one on one – and usually the firing begins over not much. I’m thinking WWI over some archduke getting assassinated in Sarajevo. Rather than get even with the assassin, everybody go home and call it a day, four years and three months they fought, 32 countries, leaving behind 41 million dead.

To my thinking, one archduke wasn’t worth all that trouble.

Here in America we do not like war, but we do get dragged into them, mostly to save the Europeans from themselves, from one generation to another.

So here’s another generation and a habit that just won’t quit.

But just because the Europeans tend to go brothel now and again, I don’t see where this is any of our business. Unless Russia actually invades. Then, okay, we come to the rescue, as usual. But this is not Churchill warning about Hitler and the Wehrmacht. This is May about an alleged poisoning of two people in Salisbury.

Two people and they aren’t even archdukes.

Since when did our own people – experts, all – become so trigger-happy? Itchy-fingered Democrats, of course they want war with Russia.

They’ve been saying it, or hinting it, ever since Trump got elected and to prove that he is no friend of Putin’s, demand he turn hawkish and damn the consequences.

Trump was put on the spot…” stand with our allies” …or stand apart…so he had no choice.

He had to act, but reluctantly, since, as we’ve been saying, Trump has been the cool-hand in a room full of hot heads.

That one thing can lead to another with 4,000 nuclear warheads standing by on either side…and the Cuban Missile Crisis a nightmare to remember…few realize the bell tolls for thee.

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