Why does the US continue to fund UNRWA schools?
Why does the US continue to fund UNRWA schools?

On ​January 1, 2018 UNRWA incorporated another new set of school books that it obtained from the Palestinian Authority to educate a new generation of half a million children who live in UNRWA refugee camps

Here are those new books:


Here is a critique of the new books, which are worse than ever:


When questioned for the last two months as to why the US continues to fund UNRWA schools with such a war inciting curriculum, the US embassy did not respond.

When we questioned the State Department about the textbook content in UNRWA schools, a State Department spokesperson responded on the record, saying they “take such reports seriously. We are in regular contact with UNRWA to ensure any allegation of inflammatory, biased, or inciteful content in education materials is thoroughly investigated and addressed.”

However, when asked if the Americans were monitoring textbook content, the spokesperson would only say “the U.S. government has supported UNRWA in the development and integration of educational materials that promote human rights, conflict resolution, and tolerance.”

The UNRWA school books do not reflect that US State Department reassurance.

This is an American issue, because the US remains the most important funder of UNRWA, to the tune of $360 million a year out of a $1.2 billion UNRWA budget. UNRWA reports that 54% of the UNRWA budget goes to education.

Why does the US continue to fund such a curriculum?

Ask the US Congress, ask your congressman,  and turn to the new US Secretary of State.