New Israel Fund: Stand with Israel, not Hamas!
New Israel Fund: Stand with Israel, not Hamas!

On or around March 30, 2018 to commemorate what they call “Land Day”, Palestinian Arabs in the Gaza Strip are preparing for “the great return march”where more than 100,000 people areexpected to march to the Israeli border to raise awareness about the so-called right of the Palestinian refugees to "return" to what they call their homes. Of course, even if some of their great grandparents were refugees, a doubtful possibility at best, they certainly are not - and the only reason they have not built fruitful lives in Gaza is the corruption of their terrorist leaders who use the billions granted them by a naive world to create terrorist infrastructure instead of jobs.

The organizers of the march reported that they intend to recruit about a hundred thousand participants and Hamas and other terrorist organizations have announced their support for the march and called on their followers to participate.

As Arab media outlets have reported, “Palestinian refugees will hold peaceful marches towards Israel in a mass movement to force a return to their homeland.”

In a previous March of Return, “more than a hundred Palestinians from Syria managed to breach the Israeli border fence and enter Israel,” posing a danger to the IDF soldiers who will have to turn them back - and who knows whether they will be carrying explosives, such as those they have been placing on the border fence recently?  The purpose of this march is to “promote a one-state solution.”

Let  me say it again:  Terrorist organizations and their supporters plan to march to the borders of Israel with 100,000 people who intend to storm the borders of Israel as they proclaim that the Jewish state should cease to exist.

Against this backdrop, organizations funded by the radical New Israel Fund are shamefully assisting the organizers of this march and sympathizing with them. Incomprehensible.

In the past, Adalah, an NIF funded organziation said in response to the fact that a permit for the march was not granted by Israeli police that they would appeal to Israel’s Supreme Court, noting, “The police decision is very strange and raises concerns that the refusal to approve the event is politically motivated.” +972 Magazine, which is funded in part by the New Israel Fund wrote in support of the previous "March of Return" with a columnist effusively talking about the importance of the hallucinatory Palestinian "right of return".

GISHA, another NIF-funded organization, is very active in promoting this rally, issuing a recent press release which noted that First and foremost, Israel must respect Gaza residents’ right to freedom of movement

It gets worse. An urgent letter was sent yesterday to Prime Minister Netanyahu, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, and Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz, demanding that they take immediate action to advance the opening of a commercial crossing in the north of the Gaza Strip.

Is this the purpose of the New Israel Fund, an organization which claims to be Pro-Israel? This organization must tell the organizations it funds to not stand with Hamas affiliated protests, but instead, to stand with the State of Israel, and the IDF soldiers who will protect the border from 100,000 people who want to come and destroy Israel. 

Stand with the IDF, not with Hamas or else change the name of your organization to reflect your activities.

Ronn Torossian is a public relations executive.