Gaza - let their people go!
Gaza - let their people go!

The crisis in Gaza is not one that funding can solve.

The recent spate of reports warning of the looming humanitarian crisis in Gaza shows the magnitude of the failed attempt to give Palestinian Arabs self rule over a quarter of a century.

The US has given over 5 billion dollars to the Gazans in aid, making them one of the countries which receives the most foreign aid funding per capita in the world.

Three major US priorities of interest have not been met. They are:

1. Promoting the mitigation of terrorism towards Israel

2. Self government, stability and prosperity that might make Gazans more amenable to peace with Israel.

3. Meeting humanitarian needs.

None of these priorities have been achieved. The Gazans are governed by a corrupt and uncaring leadership.

The entire civilian infrastructure is on the verge of collapse,with perennial power outages, failing sanitation services, untreated sewage, polluted water, all due to  a dysfunctional government - and all of this has nothing to do with Israel.

What is Gaza manufacturing? Missiles. What is it constructing? Terror tunnels.

The next war, experts say, is only a matter of time. Surveys show that half the residents of Gaza would like to leave. We should help them escape the cycle of violence, poverty and persecution that is their lot if they remain.