War and destiny in Israel: Netanyahu vs. the Left
War and destiny in Israel: Netanyahu vs. the Left
There’s a weaponless war unfolding today in Israel, and it has no direct link to Arabs, Palestinian Arabs or Muslims. This is a war of Jew vs Jew. It’s a war of Jewish liberal Leftists in Israel against Israel’s non-Left Jewish Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.
Until 1977, Israel’s Left ruled Israel with virtually absolute control (Daniel Greenfield, “Netanyahu vs the Left’s Deep state”, frontpagemag, February 22, 2018). Now, it’s been twelve years since it’s won anything important. In politics, twelve years is ‘forever’.
The Left is out of power because of Benjamin Netanyahu.  At the ballot box, Netanyahu wins. The Left loses. 
The Left wants its power back. But how can it beat Netanyahu? It believes it can beat him by getting him arrested (Greenfield, ibid).
The Left could succeed—if the police and the media help. They help, eagerly.
This war against Netanyahu could be the Left’s finest hour—if it wins. But if it loses, this could be its last war. It could end up disgraced. It could lose everything.
This is the ultimate war for who governs Israel. It’s not a fight for votes. It’s an anti-democratic campaign to get rid of a sitting PM outside the ballot-box, using accusations of scandal and criminality. It’s a war where the winner will take all and—metaphorically speaking--the loser will bleed to death.
The press hounds Netanyahu with an  all-out attack mentality: he’s corrupt. He must resign. He’s nothing more than a mafia-style, greedy thug. His wife is the same.
The police aren’t much better than the press. Unauthorized leaks from ‘confidential’ police investigations continuously paint Netanyahu as guilty. Almost every leak seems to suggest that the police are only days away from discovering the proverbial smoking gun.
We’re still waiting for that discovery.
The police pursue Netanyahu with the relentlessness of a Sherlock Holmes. But that doggedness is undercut by all the leaks. If the police case is strong, why keep leaking unproven accusations? Why need state's witnesses?

There are at least five cases against Netanyahu: Case 1000 (alleged bribery from wealthy friend), Case 1270 (allegedly bribing a judge), Case 2000 (allegedly colluding with a newspaper owner), Case 3000 (re: German submarine deal in which police now say he is not a suspect) and Case 4000 (re: Bezeq media company). All of these cases involve bribery or ‘corruption’.

Last week, the press told us the police would grill Netanyahu as a suspect in two cases--3000 and 4000.
On March 2, 2018, the police did not do what they said they’d do. They visited Netanyahu. They discussed Case 4000. But they didn’t question him at all about Case 3000 (the submarine ‘scandal’). Mind you, we’ve been told that by Opposition MK Yair Lapid that this submarine scandal was the very worst case of graft in Israel’s history. But, curiously and without explanation, the police didn’t ask him about it, even though they’d said they would.
The press completely ignored this turn of events. In a charged anti-Netanyahu atmosphere, the press wasn’t interested in a potentially pro-Netanyahu occurrence. Instead, the press turned to Case 4000 and hit Netanyahu hard  (“The evidence that swayed the Israeli Attorney General in Netanyah’s new media case”, Haaretz, March 2, 2018; Revital Hovel, “Police question Netanyahu for over five hours; wife also grilled simultaneously”, Haaretz, March 2, 2018).
Israel’s Left says it attacks Netanyahu to protect our democratic, liberal Israel. But these attacks reveal evidence of undemocratic behaviour in every segment of the Left’s ‘democratic’ infrastructure—the press, the courts, the police and the rule of law.
The Left hates Netanyahu. It wants him gone. But if Glick, Greenfield and others are correct, these Left-driven attacks against Netanyahu don’t protect our democracy. They threaten to destroy it.
The Left also, by the way, hates our Torah. The Left wants ‘democracy’ in Israel, not Judaism. The Left ignores the fact that Israel’s Biblical Destiny isn’t built on ‘democracy’. It’s built on our Torah.
Stay tuned. This war advances every day. It’s a war that could end with a bang of Biblical proportions.