Christians in Jerusalem, ask your brethen in Syria and Egypt
Christians in Jerusalem, ask your brethen in Syria and Egypt

Tsunamis and earthquakes cause extraordinary solidarity movements throughout the West and its media, while the disappearance of entire Christian populations, of their two thousand year old civilizations, never moves anyone.

The Colosseum in Rome was just dyed red to remember the persecuted Christians, the murdered in Turkey, the beheaded in Libya, the bombed in Syria, the displaced of Iraq, the burned of Nigeria. But I do not have any illusions despite the spectacular gesture. We have all seen tens of thousands of people parading through the streets of Europe in favor of the Palestinians while they were launching thousands of missiles at Israeli civilians from Gaza, but the Christian agony in Islamic lands attracts our attention less than a bowling competition would.

There were more people in Milan shouting “death to the Jews” last December than there would be if a demonstration was held for endangered Christians. It is another proof of our moral decadence.

The leaders of the Christian communities of the Sepulchre in Jerusalem decided to shut the holiest Christian place in the world for a few days last week as a form of protest against Israel's tax plan. The selection of a committee to negotiate the issue got them to reopen.

It's the price of freedom.  Since Christians in Israel enjoy a unique freedom of worship and movement, they have time and energy to battle with the Jewish State over an economic issue. Instead of celebrating Israel's pluralism, which made it unique in a crescent going from Morocco to India, these Christians blame Israel of persecuting them as the Nazi Germany did with the Jews. They have lost their minds.

These Christians should see their Egyptian brothers, who now pray for President Al Sisi's battle engaged against ISIS in Sinai, where more than one church was attacked and closed. Or their Syrian brothers, who in Deir el Ezzor have just re-celebrated a Christian mass in a church devastated after years of closure due to the civil war.

And now these Christians go back to accusing Israel of “violating religious freedom”. Clowns!