Trump, and only Trump, stands between us and them
Trump, and only Trump, stands between us and them

The good news is that we’ve got Trump, and let’s hope and pray that he stays his full two terms.

Even at that best-case scenario, he won’t be around forever…and that’s the bad news.

The Democrats are in a feverish gallop to take over, and even among Republicans there is no one quite like him, not even close. Trump is his own man. So everything we’ve gained through him, a champion for America, a friend for Israel, could be washed away with the tide of the next election.

We’ve been forewarned by an alarming development.

Days ago, stalwart and somewhat moderate California Senator Dianne Feinstein (Dem.) failed to get her party’s endorsement for a fifth term, and that could be the start of something terrible.

This could be the signal that Democrats, nationwide, won’t even pretend to play it middle-of-the road as they go after Trump with renewed vigor and vengeance.

They’ll be giving up that ruse to adopt platforms that conform exclusively to Radical Liberalism…which describes her opponent Kevin de Leon.

For America, if they get their chance, that would mean reversals on trade, immigration, the Wall, regulations, drilling, jobs, manufacturing comebacks, NAFTA, climate change, healthcare, Gitmo, international relations, to name just 12 elements that Trump scaled up or down in favor of a robust America.

All of which could come undone as fast as you can say Hillary Clinton or the Democrats’ vice chair Keith Ellison.

No friend of Israel, he, or she, so expect, therefore, renewed warmth with Iran; and Israel, once again, out in the cold.  

Trump, a once-in-a-lifetime leader, knew what he was doing when he rushed (in historic terms) to proclaim Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

He did it mostly on his own, by the way. His party did not urge him to do it and his State Department surely protested.

Just as quickly he is moving the United States Embassy to Jerusalem. He’s timed it for May 14 to coincide with Israel’s 70th Birthday.

For Trump, Israel is in. The Palestinian Arabs are out….and he is letting his feelings known strong and fast.

He is thinking ahead. He is not getting younger. The enemy is at the gates. There is no time to waste.

“Don’t look back, something could be gaining on you.” That is Satchel Paige’s advice that Trump is taking very seriously.

Voters need to wise up to the same thinking. Anything can happen. It just did in California.  Democrats themselves were shocked at how roundly Feinstein got beat.

We got lucky. But luck does not last forever. Neither will Trump. Our luck runs out unless we come up with someone who can fill his shoes – and it is not too early to realize this.

Yes we pray for the fullness of his time in office, but Congress can still go either way, and if it goes the wrong way, things could get difficult, even for Trump.

Without him…let’s face it…there is nothing but void. The Democrats? Not a chance. That party is pro-BDS and anti-Israel, and the worst is yet to come under Tom Perez, Ellison and Corey Booker -- if ever they get their hands on the Senate, the House and/or the White House. There is no Trump there; not even a Truman.


Farrakhan --- him you will find.

Even among Republicans there is no Trump outside of Trump. No GOP leader – though far preferable to any Democrat – comes to mind as his successor.

None over the horizon or from the list of GOP candidates he defeated would have come out so forcefully, fearlessly and courageously on Israel’s side.

On Jerusalem, Trump stood up against the world and the world rallied round to him…or is beginning to…since there is no choice…since there is only one United States and only one President Donald Trump. For now, that’s good. It’s terrific. There’s been nothing like him in the recent past.

It’s the future we need to worry about, a day when Trump will be gone with no friend in sight for America or for Israel.

Dear Voters – California has put us on notice.

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

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