No, Joe Kennedy, we are not all worthy
No, Joe Kennedy, we are not all worthy

Young Joe Kennedy III, grandson of “Bobby,” says “we are all worthy,” meaning, as I take it, that there are no differences between people – no matter what.

Everybody is the same, according to Liberal-Think.

For example, since I was born with the same rights as Sandy Koufax, I should be able to pitch for the Dodgers, too.

Only they won’t let me.

That doesn’t seem fair, but that’s how it is in baseball, or in life. In politics, well, if your name is Kennedy, Massachusetts automatically gives you a seat in the House or Senate.

So maybe that is why Joe assumes that we ALL get the same breaks and privileges.

Joe serves from the House and it was from there that Joe responded to President Trump’s State of the Union address – in which he, Joe, insisted that we are all worthy; a swipe at Trump’s willingness to distinguish between legal and Illegal, and Trump’s forthrightness in clarifying right from wrong, good from evil, the moon from the sun, apples from oranges – and even citizens from infiltrators.

Tell that to Liberals and it drives them crazy even to think that boys and girls are different.

Yes we are all born equal…it’s what happens after that which causes the problems…some men, more than a few in fact, become just plain rotten when they grow up…don’t ask me why.

After they stop teething, so many take different paths. Instantly and for no particular reason, I’m thinking of Paul Sperry’s eye-opening column in the New York Post, where he exposes the imams who preach hatred and violence against Jews, right here in the United States, doing so with “virtual impunity.”

There’s more than one of them and it does not take much of a guess to imagine where they came from and what made them that way – after they were born.

Are they worthy for us here in America and are they worthy for my family in Tel Aviv, who have to put up with squatters who arrive with no particular love for the land and its Jewish culture?

Joe’s progressiveness is indeed Liberal-Talk, a language that I am still trying to understand…and how nice of Joe to be so big-hearted.

You say ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and since Liberals do not understand our language, either, they don’t hear you. They do not hear the word ILLEGAL -- or so they pretend.
But is Matt Lauer “worthy” after what he did to all those women? Joe did not address all that, no, that is too complicated. Rather, his complaint, speaking in the Liberal Tongue, is Trump’s Wall, intended to keep out Third World undesirables, and Trump’s refusal to give the “DACA-KIDS” everything they want, right now, this minute…or else Liberals will go suck lemons, as Nancy Pelosi and Cory Booker and the rest of them did during Trump’s speech.

In fact, Trump did offer those illegals a green light, on terms that seem entirely logical to people who care about this country, which amounts to “no more illegals” and a stop to helter-skelter open-borders. So chain migration and the visa lottery must go. To Liberals, that is no deal, and this is where they get tricky.

You say ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and since Liberals do not understand our language, either, they don’t hear you. They do not hear the word ILLEGAL -- or so they pretend.

Liberals in Israel likewise pretend that there is no such word and that there are no such people.

Immediately they put them all in one basket. All are IMMIGRANTS, period….and thus all are kosher.  

So people who sometimes wait 10 years to clear all the hurdles to get here legally are the same…the same as people who simply cross the border, say here I am, feed me.

That’s okay by Joe, and it is how Joe’s Uncle Ted saw it, too, when as Sen. Ted Kennedy, he pushed through the Hart-Celler Act.

That measure halted immigration from countries that know the Bible and opened our doors, instead, to people who worship the Koran.

So, yes, since 1965 they have been coming here legally, and many are fine people; but they also brought with them the imams who from the mosques sermonize death to Jews.

That message is clear enough. But it may take time (if ever) to translate it into the Liberal Language.

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

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