The very first time Donald Trump entered politics, he triumphed over 16 seasoned other Republican candidates to win the party’s nomination, and trounced the presumed president-in-waiting, Hillary Clinton; vanquishing the Bush and Clinton dynasties along the way. He accomplished all this while a partisan media often falsified information about him, and attacked him relentlessly.

Former presidents and failed presidential candidates from the Republican Party vigorously opposed Trump. George H. W. Bush proudly declared that he voted for Hillary Clinton. George W. Bush and Mitt Romney were on record as not voting for Trump, and it is likely that John McCain did not vote for him as well. Paul Ryan, the highest ranking elected Republican at the time, refused to be seen in public with his party’s official presidential candidate, Trump. These events have never been seen before in modern political history.

Establishment veterans of past Republican administrations’ Defense and State Departments, along with the National Security Council are mostly still against Trump, intimating that Trump’s “crudity” could destroy the 70-year post-war bipartisan foreign policy. At the last minute, Republican senators often come out against Trump’s legislation to spoil things. Perhaps they are still bitter over their prior clashes with candidate Trump.

The greatest testament to Trump’s mental stability is his relentless focus on his political priorities.
On various media platforms, “experts” that could not predict Trump’s victory are now predicting his imminent removal from office due to his “mental instability,” etc. The greatest testament to Trump’s mental stability is his relentless focus on his political priorities. Trump won the presidency by inspiring the previously dispirited. He campaigned vigorously in states many deemed too Democratic to vote for a Republican president. He made the election about ideas: unfair international agreements, unfettered immigration, etc.

In his first year, Trump turned around a stagnant economy; significantly increased manufacturing jobs; saw black and Hispanic unemployment drop to record lows; reduced illegal immigration; dropped superfluous regulations; saw low interest and unemployment rates, with consumer confidence and the stock market high; seated a fantastic Supreme Court justice, and got a record number of his appellate judges confirmed; orchestrated the most important tax reform in three decades; recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital; negotiated a $250 billion trade deal with China; withdrew USA from bad deals, Paris Climate Accord and Trans Pacific Partnership; put ISIS in full retreat, ending its control over large swathes of Iraq and Syria; stabilized U.S. foreign policy; avoided the optional warring and nation-building of Barack Obama, and the relentless apologies denigrating America; etc. He also gave green light to the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, that will provide tens of thousands of jobs.

In October 2017, Trump withdrew the U.S. from UNESCO, the U.N.’s cultural body, over its long-standing anti-Israel bias. In the same month, he overruled Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Secretary of Defense James Mattis and National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster, declining to certify to Congress that Iran was in compliance with the nuclear deal, when the Iranians were breaching the deal.

World War 3 did not start when he rejected the position of the foreign policy establishment. Instead, he empowered America’s Sunni allies to join forces to combat Iran. Trump effected Iran’s becoming much more isolated diplomatically and economically than it was during the Obama administration. Besides, Trump could base U.S. policy toward Iran on reality, rather than the fiction of Iranian moderation, and “compliance” with the nuclear deal. Obama’s legacy in the Middle East rests on the Obama orchestrated nuclear deal with Iran. If Trump could terminate the deal, then Obama’s legacy in the Middle East would collapse.

Trump has renewed America’s alliances with Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Israel, to reduce Iranian power in the region.

Trump also rejected Obama’s anti-Israel legacy. As Trump stated, “Israel has made its capital in the city of Jerusalem, the capital the Jewish people established in ancient times.”

In 2009 in Cairo, Obama intimated that Israel’s legitimacy is based only on the Holocaust, instead of the thousands of years of the Jewish nation’s attachment to the Land of Israel. Trump wrested U.S. Middle East policy from the State Department that tended to view Israel like liberals and the Europeans do: A problem. Prior to Trump’s declaration, the Union for Reform Judaism intimated that Palestinians’ claims to Jerusalem are stronger than Jewish claims. URJ President Rick Jacobs essentially divorced the Reform movement from Zionism. He condemned Trump’s anticipated declaration, which Jacobs stated would harm chances of peace between Palestinians and Israel. Against tremendous opposition, Trump made it American policy that the Jewish people is indigenous to the Land of Israel.

Trump could not have accomplished his achievements if he were a lunatic as portrayed by an irresponsible media. Whereas, it is the media that have been showing symptoms of mental instability and Trump derangement.

Ever since November 2016, when Trump, against all odds, won the presidential election, the media have been pushing a conspiracy theory about Trump wanting to win so much he colluded with the Russians. Democrats deployed “Russian Collusion” against Trump to hide Hillary’s corruption. The only collusion with Russians was done by Hillary Clinton. The world's most inevitable president-in-waiting lost the election, and the Democrats decided to blame it on “Russian Collusion" rather than blaming it on their criminally-challenged, ill, tired, unlikeable candidate with no message, and a minimal campaign schedule. The Russians did not force Hillary to ignore Wisconsin, to campaign only once in Michigan, etc. While Hillary connected with dictators, Hollywood stars and Wall Street bankers, Trump connected, in Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and elsewhere, with the half of the electorate that Hillary called “deplorables.” In January 2018, the media suddenly changed their belief, claiming Trump never wanted to win the presidency at all.

Democrats claim Trump is a moron unfit for office, but he keeps outsmarting them. He allowed Michael Wolff into the White House and gave him full access, thus making the other side expose itself completely. Wolff is not a reliable person. Brill’s Content reviewed Wolff’s book Burn Rate and  criticized him for “apparent factual errors,” stating that 13 people complained that Wolff “invented or changed quotes.”

Trump’s political acumen and boldness are commendable. He exposed the media as hypocrites and ethically bankrupt. He took on the super-rich National Football League and revealed its absurdities. Against fierce opposition, Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and effected the 1995 Act of Congress to move the American embassy to Jerusalem. Under Trump, Israel is once again America’s close ally. Egypt and the Sunni monarchies are once again America’s friends. China and North Korea are perplexed that America is no longer appeasing. America’s enemies now fear it is dangerously unpredictable, while allies believe it is now more reliable. Many Never Trumpers now admit, if Trump had lost, his concerted and successful effort to appoint young, unashamedly conservatives as U.S. judges would have been inconceivable under Hillary.

Trump has proved Never Trumpers wrong. Whatever Trump’s political past, his first year as president is as hard right-wing as Barack Obama’s eight years were hard left-wing,  judging their ideologies by results. Obama’s regime was radically left-wing, especially when Democrats controlled both houses of Congress from January 2009 through January 2011, as Obama endeavored to implement his agenda to “radically transform” America.

Trump’s plan is more conservative than any president’s since Ronald Reagan’s; making his left-wing opponents unhinged as they figured out that he is about to undo the entire two-term Obama agenda in one term. Some people on the political right have complained about Trump’s tweeting. Much ado about nothing. He uses tweets to go over the media that are so hostile to him and his agenda. He also uses tweets to distract his opponents; often getting them preoccupied on irrelevant matters while he pushes ahead with his plan. Obama used soaring rhetoric about what he could never do to simulate achievements. Trump seems content to diminish the appearance of all that he has already accomplished in deeds.

Trump will be judged on only three things: peace, prosperity and protection. I
Democrats and Never Trump Republicans have been making arguments that President Trump could, or should, be removed from office under the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: “Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.” These arguments will fail. The 25th Amendment could not be used in a political vacuum, without due reverence to the voters that elected Trump, and their concerns.

Americans care about the effect of unfettered immigration. A poem that was affixed to the Statue of Liberty, long after its installation, could not rise to the level of the Constitution. Americans should decide who comes to their country. Besides, the Statue of Liberty is not the Statue of America, neither is it the Statue of Immigration. It shines the light of liberty on the world; sending liberty out to the world, not bringing the world to live in the U.S. Many Americans also care about the Jewish state, seeing Israel as America’s trusted ally.

American voters are not going to judge Trump on Washington gossip or intrigue. This is the reason last December’s attempt to resurrect baseless sexual harassment claims against him failed spectacularly. Trump will be judged on only three things: peace, prosperity and protection. If he fulfills his campaign promise on immigration restrictions and he builds a wall on the southern border, his supporters would do anything to vote Republican during the mid-terms, and he could get a second term. His is the most pro-Israel U.S. administration by far. Israelis and Israel-focused Americans should wish him well.

Dr. Sheyin-Stevens is a Registered Patent Attorney based in Florida, USA. He earned his Doctorate in Law from the University of Miami.