Palestinian Arab anti-Semitism for all to see
Palestinian Arab anti-Semitism for all to see

When a Pro-Palestinian group tweets an anti-Semitism cartoon straight out of Der Sterner and a major pro-Israel advocate uses Facebook to inform people of this awful crime, what happens?

The pro-Israel advocate is blocked by Facebook for distributing hate material! 

​​That pro-Israel advocate is me.

How stupid and wrong can Facebook and their algorithms be?

Do they really think an Israeli Jew could share such hateful anti-Jewish material to promote such a disgraceful anti-Israel screed?

Possibly, having seen examples of horrendous anti-Israel slander by a number of Israeli Jews.

But try contacting a human being at Facebook to tell them of their mistake.

The faceless Facebook workers are letting the programmed robots rule.

To the point, this awful cartoon highlights what I have been speaking and writing about for years.

At the deep and nasty heart of pro-Palestinian activists is an inner Jew hatred.

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