Labor party head's plan is two-state destruction
Labor party head's plan is two-state destruction

Avi Gabbay, Chairman of the “Zionist Union,” recently spoke at a “diplomatic” conference and repeated the messianic mantra that he saw “the two-state solution for two peoples as the solution for our security.”  Gabbay further preached that the two-state solution would “keep Israel democratic” while “enabling us to keep the Jewish spirit of our nation.”  

As I have written before in How to get 1 million more terrorists into the Palestinian Authority, a "West Bank" Palestinian Arab state would enable any Palestinian government to import not only all the 5 Million+ UNWRA Palestinian Arab "refugees", but millions of Islamic terrorists of all stripes.  

Gabbay’s messianic two-state “cure” would mean national-suicide, much worse than the problems of having to keep order among the "West Bank" Arabs, 95% of whom live under self-rule..  

Now for the good news. Former Likud Education Minister, Gideon Saar, speaking recently at the Jabotinsky Leadership Conference said Palestinian statehood along Israel’s eastern border would spark a massive wave of Arab immigration into the area, threatening regional stability.  In specific, he stated, “We cannot agree to a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria. The establishment of a Palestinian state would lead to Palestinian control over the borders. Immediately after such a state would be established, there’d be a flood of ‘refugees’ from Syria and other countries into the area.  Can anyone really guarantee us that within this flood of [migrants] there won’t be Islamist radicals who have sworn to destroy the ‘Zionist entity’? Zionism will be pushed backwards – the Zionist enterprise will be destroyed.”  

Saar’s statement, in plain politically-incorrect English, said: A "West Bank" Palestinian Arab State will be out to annihilate the State of Israel and, if the 6 million Jews don't leave, there will be an attempt to enact another Holocaust. 

Saar, went on to say that, faced with the threat posed by Palestinian Arab statehood, there must be unity among Israeli Jews, warning that a split between the right and left could itself be a serious threat to the Jewish state.  “Our political opponents are our brothers and sisters, even if they’re wrong. We need to respect them and foster dialogue among ourselves.”
Now, who’s right? Who’s solution is national-suicide? Gabbay’s allowing millions of Arabs to flood the "West Bank", or the Saar proscription of stabilizing and controlling that area?  While no one would claim Saar has solved the “problem,” Gabbay’s “solution” is the annihilation of Israel.  Gabbay is absolutely wrong and his success equals the end of Israel. Saar is right and his success allows Israel to live and try to solve the conflict.
These two quotes bring us to a third. Recently, Mr. Gabbay admitted to trying to bring down Israel’s current government.  He purpose: to install a two-state solution government that will implement the two-state plan.

I ask every reader to ponder this simple hypothetical: Imagine if you were a Jew in Europe in the 1930’s and 1940’s.  And, on the one hand, your leftist “leaders” are telling you that “Hitler isn’t all that bad,” and “Hitler doesn’t mean everything he says,” and you have to quietly march off to Auschwitz borders, or “there will be problems” for the shtetl.  At the same time, your “rightist” leaders show you explicit proof that Auschwitz is a extermination camp for murdering Jews  (modern transformation:. Katyusha rockets from a Palestinian Arab state will blanket pre-1967 Israel like the Gaza rockets now blanket the Gaza Belt, and Abbas will bring in another 5 million Arabs with hundreds of thousands of additional terrorists).  What would you do?  Would you believe cowering leftist politicians, or the truth of your own eyes and your own logic?

Every reader of this article has his or her own choice.  One can either continue to believe in a fraudulent “two-state solution" one can get involved and email this article, and others like it to friends and family in Tel Aviv, joining the mind-to-mind combat for the survival of Israel.

Over 500,000 people have watched my 9-minute video that explains how the Arabs will fire rockets into Tel Aviv from the 'West Bank.'  Email that video to your friends and family.  

Edmund Burke once said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”  Well, everyone, it is time to start doing something, or we could face an evil "West Bank" Palestinian state with another 5 million refugees and thousands of Katyusha rockets aimed at Tel Aviv and Netanya.  We can not allow delusional Israeli politicians like Avi Gabbay, financed by leftist American Jews, the opportunity to railroad the Jewish people into another genocide.