President Trump is a real life James Bond
President Trump is a real life James Bond

While the empty echo-chamber of Washington DC rattles and prattles on about President Trump’s “fitness” to be President of the United States, President Trump single-handedly successfully completed the greatest human intelligence coup in the history of intelligence spy-craft.  Without a budget, without sleeper spies, without secret drops, and using only his thumbs, President Trump unmasked the true state of North Korea’s nuclear and missile technology. 

Normally, spy-masters have to use a “honey-trap” to ensnare an intelligence asset in order to blackmail him into giving up his government’s secrets.  Another spy-craft called the “money-trap” uses money to entice the asset only to blackmail him once he’s taken the money.  Uniquely, President Trump successfully executed the first “tweet-trap” in the history of intelligence. 

...if the US Intel community was 100% wrong on North Korea, then the same intel community was 10000% wrong on the state of Iran’s nuclear and missile capabilities
By merely tweeting, President Trump smoked out the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un and psychologically forced him to expose the true state of North Korea’s nuclear and missile technology.  In essence, while the deep state chattered, President Trump’s PsyOp single-handedly exposed North Korea’s deepest military secrets, so the United States now knows and can take action against the true state of North Korea’s (and hence even Iran’s) nuclear capabilities.

The New York Times on Sunday January 7, 2018, gave us a “snap-shot” of the state of the Unites States’ “Intelligence Community’s” intelligence assessment of North Korea’s nuclear and missile capabilities as of January 2017.  This is what the New York Times stated, “At the start of Donald Trump’s presidency, American intelligence agencies told the new administration that while North Korea had built the bomb, there was still ample time — upward of four years — to slow or stop its development of a missile capable of hitting an American city with a nuclear warhead."

The North’s young leader, Kim Jong-un, faced a range of troubles, they assured the new administration, giving Mr. Trump time to explore negotiations or pursue countermeasures. One official who participated in the early policy reviews said estimates suggested Mr. Kim would be unable to strike the continental United States until 2020, perhaps even 2022.

Mr. Kim tested eight intermediate-range missiles in 2016, but seven blew up on the pad or shattered in flight — which some officials attributed partly to an American sabotage program accelerated by President Barack Obama. And while the North had carried out five underground atomic tests, the intelligence community estimated that it remained years away from developing a more powerful type of weapon known as a hydrogen bomb.”

There you have it.  At the start of President Trump presidency in January 2017, and after 8 years of then-President Obama, the vaunted US intelligence assessment was 100% wrong on perhaps the most urgent military/national security issue ever facing the United States. This US intel assessment was even more catastrophically wrong because if the US Intel community was 100% wrong on North Korea, then the same intel community was 10000% wrong on the state of Iran’s nuclear and missile capabilities (excuse the hyperbole). 

Everyone knows that Iran financed North Korea’s nuclear and missile program with part of the $150 Billion dollars Obama gave to Iran.  So, not only did Obama’s intelligence corps spectacularly fail on its assessment, Obama gave Iran and North Korea the funds to finance the final push to their nuke and missile arsenals.

Which brings us to the post-January 2017 President Trump Tweet-trap intelligence operation.  President Trump, like any spy-master, looks for his asset’s greatest weakness.  In this case, President Trump concluded Kim Jong-Un’s greatest weakness was his personal vanity.  Once President Trump saw Kim’s “vanity-weakness,” he exploited it by tweeting personally nasty comments against the North Korean lunatic.  This predictably caused the North Korean leader to have to “prove” how strong and manly he really was. 

US intelligence spent tens of billions of dollars and pays hundreds of “experts” to study North Korea’s nuclear and missile capability, and they got it catastrophically wrong.  Meanwhile, President Trump with nothing but his New York real estate smarts and his tweeter feed delivered the real intelligence of state of North Korea’s nuclear arsenal.

As an aside, what was President Trump supposed to tweet-back to Kim Jong-Un’s “nuclear button on the table” remark?  Anything President Trump tweeted would have been derided by the Trump-haters.  Trump is in a no-win hate-Trump-at-all-costs situation. Had he not tweeted back at all, the Left would have railed that President Trump was bested by his own tweeting game, and showed fatal weakness. 

What the mainstream lemmings didn’t understand was they were actively interfering with President Trump’s ongoing intelligence operation.  And  Kim Jong-un gave away all of his military secrets, while President Trump gave away nothing.  President Trump doesn’t even have a “nuclear-button” on his desk.

In conclusion, can anyone imagine a Hillary Clinton administration where the US intelligence community and the US Congress are allowed to blunder along for another 4 or 8 years under the totally false belief that North Korea is still 4 years away from a miniaturized hydrogen bomb? 

What horrifically wrong decisions would have been made believing that North Korea wasn’t really an immediate “clear and present danger”? 

What equally bad decisions would have been taken about Iran if the world still believed North Korea was 6 years away from a deliverable nuclear-tipped ICBM? 

The United States would have gotten hit with a surprise nuclear Pearl Harbor-type attack. Thanks to President Trump, now we know virtually exactly the true state of North Korea’s nuclear program.  President Trump should be lauded for his genius and his heroic intelligence coup that clearly exposed North Korea as an immediate and real nuclear-armed threat. 

We all need to pray for President Trump’s health and success for the New Year.  President Trump’s safety and success is the safety and success of every freedom-loving person on this planet.