Europe, end the double standards!
Europe, end the double standards!

Speech written for Berlin against Islamism Organization rally, sent to Arutz  Sheva by Professor Chesler

We know that Islamic gender and religious apartheid has penetrated Europe. 

We know that tribal shame-and-honor customs have increasingly trumped Western customs. More and more women are face veiled; arranged child marriage, polygamy, FGM, normalized wife and daughter beating, and honor killings now characterize Europe, not just the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Far East. 

Just as Muslim women and Western journalists were once gang-raped by male hordes in Tahrir Square in Cairo, or gang-raped, mutilated, and buried alive in Algeria after an inflammatory Friday mosque sermon—similar male hordes have groped and literally penetrated infidel women in Cologne.

We know that religious feuds among European Muslim immigrants are rampant. Warring Muslim sects beat and murder each other. Immigrant Muslim women are raped in refugee camps and on the road to such camps. 

The majority of refugees/immigrants are young men between the ages of 18-35. We know that the German government has provided them with no privacy, bad food, broken toilets—and no chance of an education or employment. How can this end well?

Jews are being tortured and murdered in France by Muslims simply because they are Jews. Synagogues are being firebombed in Sweden by Muslims because Jews worship there.

One dare not say so—lest accusing a Muslim of a crime that he has truly committed, falls afoul of the politically correct Thought Police. The whistle-blower or truth teller might be fined or jailed. Not the Muslim criminal.

Infidel female children are being groomed by Muslim, mainly Pakistani gangs in at least ten cities in the UK. These pimps traffic the most vulnerable girls into sex slavery. What’s unique, is that they prey upon girls in their own neighborhoods. Most pedophiles prey in shadows, secretively, and not where they live.

The Quilliam think tank has just analyzed the grooming gang phenomenon and have concluded that the problem is that the Pakistani men have “failed to integrate into British society.”

My colleague, Oxford-based philosopher Paula Boddington, tells me that these pedophiles and pimps have integrated very well and in a way that suits their purpose. They own the candy or sweets shops; drive the taxis; are the major landlords of properties that they can easily turn into hellish brothels for infidel girls.

When these girls actually bring charges, the entire extended families of these pimps and rapists assail the girl outside the courthouse and where she is living. Panic rooms or police protection is required for any survivor brave enough to bring charges. The extended families see no shame in raping and pimping out infidel girls; the only shame resides in their being exposed. Their rage never quits. This is why Muslim girls in Europe who escape being honor killed require new identities and the equivalent of a witness protection program.

When Peter McCoughlin’s book “Easy Meat” which detailed the sex grooming gangs was published, he was accused of being a “racist” as was Ann Marie Waters’ report into these sex grooming gangs.

Double standards for Muslims in Europe, lower standards, different standards, is yet another form of European racism.
We cannot allow the false concept of “Islamophobia” or the politically correct charge of “racism” to stop us from naming reality. We have laws on the books which must be obeyed. A crime is a crime. 

Double standards for Muslims in Europe, lower standards, different standards, is yet another form of European racism.  It condemns Muslim women and children, as well as the bravest of Muslim dissidents, gays, and apostates to a lesser and endangered existence.

Multi-cultural diversity is fine. Multi-cultural relativism has led Europe into grave danger. Turn back, turn back, before it is really too late.