Murdered 15-year-old's mom stands up to anti-Israel Democrats
Murdered 15-year-old's mom stands up to anti-Israel Democrats

In response to the Taylor Force Act, which would cut off some of the Palestinian Authority's funding until it stops sponsoring terrorist attacks on Jews and Americans, the anti-Israel lobby and its pet politicians trolled victims of terror with a pro-terror defunding bill to "protect" Palestinian Muslim minors who engage in terrorism.

Democrat members of Congress, who are part of the anti-Israel lobby, Betty McCollum, Mark Pocan,  Earl Blumenauer, André Carson, John Conyers, Jr., Danny K. Davis, Peter A. DeFazio, Raul Grijalva, Luis V. Gutiérrez, and Chellie Pingree are all on board. The anti-Israel lobby bill claims support from a variety of anti-Israel hate groups including JVP, linked to a speaker that claimed Jews drink blood.

These same politicians had signed on to a letter by a Hamas linked group.

But Frimet Roth, the mother of Malki Roth, a 15-year-old girl murdered by Islamic terrorists in Israel while she was enjoying pizza with a friend, is standing up to the powerful anti-Israel lobby. (Frimet and her husband, Arnold, founded Keren Malki, a charity fund that helps parents care for challenged children at home, in her memory.

Here are Frimet Roth's tweets to Betty McCollum.

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As parents of an American child who never saw her 16th birthday, we know there's no right higher than the right not to be murdered. If only your legislative energies could defeat the child-weaponizing efforts of the woman in this link and her many backers: …

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The PalArab woman from the notorious #Tamimi clan sings the praises of a 15 year old killer in the link below. @Amnesty recently put her brother-in-law on a US road tour. She reveres a cousin who murdered 8 children incl our daughter Malki. @AlJazeera now calls her "Supermom".

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So, Rep @BettyMcCollum04, now that you have gotten a look at the kind of homicidal teens the #Tamimi clan admire, promote and emulate, are you with them?

Or are you for safeguarding children's lives NO MATTER whether those lives are Pal Arab, Israeli, American or any other?

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I've watched their school videos. Sick

Arnold Roth @arnoldroth

The hideous school and kindergarten videos only emerge because of the efforts of @MEMRIReports and @Palwatchwhose watchfulness and Arabic-to-English translations lift the lid on the daily #ChildWeaponizing destroying the futures of countless Pal Arab and Israeli children.

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Motherhood, "resistance" and putting lipstick on a pig. Here's @Aljazeera, unwittingly demonstrating via another especially bigoted and murder-friendly Tamimi how #LethalJournalismworks. … via @audioBoom

Arnold Roth @arnoldroth

This woman whom @Aljazeera has just now crowned "Supermom" tweets the praises of a 15 year old for having murdered people. It doesn't take that much for evil to triumph. But when you do it via a global media network like @Aljazeera's, that "triumph" can destroy a lot of lives.

12:41 PM - Nov 15, 2017

Instead of opposing the efforts by Islamic terrorists to indoctrinate and weaponize children, Betty McCollum, Marc Pocan,   Earl Blumenauer, André Carson, John Conyers, Jr., Danny K. Davis, Peter A. DeFazio, Raul Grijalva, Luis V. Gutiérrez, and Chellie Pingree are helping the terrorists use children in their racist war of ethnic cleansing against the indigenous Jewish population.