Pres. Trump, the Constitution is the best business plan for freedom
Pres. Trump, the Constitution is the best business plan for freedom

President Trump, as one of the most successful businessmen in the world, you know the value of a well-designed business plan.  Recognizing that the Constitution that you hold in your hand is, and always was, the preeminent business plan for a free nation will make you the most successful President since Washington.

In exchange for pledging their allegiance to the Constitution, whose stance against tyranny is its Rule of Law; our Founding Fathers guaranteed that we would be able to safeguard our liberties and the foundation upon which our free republic rests, in perpetuity.  Contained within the Constitutional framework is the guideline to which every decision must adhere in order to insure that all deals, foreign and domestic, fulfill America’s mission. Very simply that mission is and has always been, since the American Revolution to today, to keep the lamp of liberty brightly lit, beaming a laser-like spotlight on oppressive tyrannical regimes that are determined to extinguish it.  It is those very freedoms for which our military gave their lives and to which our government has vowed to protect.

President Trump, using the Rule of Law and its unwavering stance against absolute power as the barometer with which to measure against every act, every deal, and every negotiation that comes before you and Congress, will ensure we remain on freedom’s course. Deviation opens the door to failure and compromises our reason for existence.

America, her citizens, her government and her allies must have no tolerance for tyrants, fascists and those who promote hatred and deny human rights to their own citizens.
America violates her own Rule of Law when she shakes hands across the water with those who are threatened by her liberties, brazenly vowing to annihilate them.  America, her citizens, her government and her allies must have no tolerance for tyrants, fascists and those who promote hatred and deny human rights to their own citizens.

Once we lose sight of the purpose of our nation, we lose our identity and our grip on victory over global tyranny.  America need not ever apologize for our firm stance against absolute power and oppression. Aren’t the 1918 and 1945 victories over fascism enough validation?

We are here to rid the world of tyrannical enterprises, not prop them up and make them our partners in peace. We don’t take marching orders from religious fascist or their secular totalitarian brethren. And most importantly, we do not abandon our allies, especially Israel, with whom we have a shared destiny as both nations are bound by the Covenant and Constitutional decrees.

With seeds gathered from the Ten Commandments and its basis in moral and ethical behavior, we framed a Constitution of secular laws and produced a country bounded in humanity, compassion, liberty and justice. These ideals were born from the same Covenant that Abraham received from God and that binds America and Israel to a common endeavor; the eternal quest to secure a world, free from tyranny and the forces of oppression.  While Israel, as the keeper of the Covenant, is the light unto all nations, America is the keeper of the flame of liberty, so the Covenant of redemption and revitalization can be shared by those who suffer under tyranny.

Thus America and Israel are indivisibly united by a sacred bond that mandates we repair the world and a constitutional decree that obligates us to protect humanity from the scourge of tyranny. This connection defines America’s core values and sustains the lifeblood of liberty’s decrees. 

Paying lip service to our bond with Israel while whittling away at her sovereignty and security by negotiating with Terrorists who want nothing more than to erase her from the region and Jews from the Earth, contradicts everything for which our Constitution stands. It is time for Congress to raise their united voices in support of Israel and declare, without hesitation, that America stands with Israel and Jerusalem as its eternal capital.

As the most outspoken, pro-Israel Republican Candidate, President Trump declared “Jerusalem as the undivided capital of the State of Israel.”  As President, your greatest legacy will not be tax reform, will not be immigration reform, nor will it be building up our defense systems around the world. Rather, it will be your unabashed stance against Radical Islamic savages and secular-totalitarian barbarians whose dominions and cultures embrace laws devoid of the Covenant's morality. With your strongest weapon, The Constitution of the United States of America, held firmly in your right hand, you have all the ammunition necessary to overcome Radical Islamic domination, totalitarianism and tyranny. Don’t ever forget that our Constitution arose as a result of young Americans patriots who pledged their lives and fortunes to defend against the elitist and tyrannical government of the King of England. The concept is the same, only the armaments have gotten bigger and more deadly. Strict adherence to the Constitution’s Rule of Law and its unwavering stance against tyranny is more powerful than the furthest reaching nuclear missile.

President Trump, without your absolute declaration that Israel is not an occupying power and that her land, nor her security, are for sale, you continue to empower terrorists like Abbas, Hamas, Fatah, and PLO as the helpless victims.

Unfortunately, the rest of the world powers follow your lead and hold this view. Hold our Constitution firmly in your hand and declare that America will not compromise her mission in the world. America does not, cannot and will not support tyranny!