The perfect murder
The perfect murder

Israel has become a testing ground for jihad. The conquest of the West is to be carried out according to the scheme tried out in the Holy Land

It was deja vu. August 2017. Paris. A rocket launcher is found in a Paris No-Go Zone suburb. A few weeks earlier the same launcher is found in Lyon, near the madrasah in the Muslim quarter ... The media is silent. Human rights defenders are against Islamophobia.
... Gaza ... Hamas ... Rocket launchers found in mosques. ... The media is silent. Human rights defenders are against occupation.

Illusion? Obsession? Maybe…

By coincidence or Divine providence (depending on your preference), Israel has become a testing ground of the lethal alliance of the “jihad” and the lunatic progressives. Here, in the cradle of Judeo-Christian civilization, the most disgusting methods of terror and its laundering, as well as the know-how of legitimized and even sanctified violence were developed. Here the strategy of the “Red-Green” alliance was formed. This is the place where poisonous shoots appeared and spread their spores all over the world.

The mass outrage of savages was spawned here and came to the world under the romantic name of “Intifada”. Lone terror  - using knives, axes, cars, trucks, tractors – served as a weapon of the frustrated.  This  is  about shahids from down below wearing belts with explosives.

On  television we  see  Arab women wringing their hands. Murdered boys cheerfully jump from stretchers. Plush toys bought in San Francisco lie on ruins of the houses where terrorists used to hide. Hamas leaders interviewed on respectable TV channels. Crusades of human rights defenders for the liberation of Palestine. Rockets from Gaza, tunnels, kidnapping of hostages and - the Gaza Freedom Flotilla.

The Palestinian problem is like a hypnotic spell. The terror in Paris, London, Nice, Berlin, Boston, Stockholm, Manchester, Barcelona - and Islamophobia - cast a spell.

Using Israel as a model we can determine several stages of jihad strategy.

STAGE ONE is a test of strength. Mass riots, violence - physical, verbal, sexual; desecration and destruction of synagogues and churches. The goal is to mark the territory and establish their own rules of the game. The intifada in Israel was just such a test of strength. The problem of occupation has nothing to do with this.

Lebanon accepted the Palestinian Arabs as refugees, but in return they robbed local people and raped Christian girls. The same scenario was repeated in Kuwait after Saddam’s occupation. The Rebellion in Tahrir Square: rapes, robberies, trashing of state institutions. The weakening of the Government in Syria and the fall of Qaddafi in Libya caused mass atrocities, lynches, violence.

These countries were not occupied. It happened because the regime unclasped the deadly grip. It got out.

Europe has already passed this stage. Intifadas took place in Paris in 2005, in London in 2011, in Stockholm in 2013 and 2017. We saw gangs of rapists in Scandinavia and England, mass rapes and robberies in Cologne and other cities on Christmas in 2016. In the USA there were riots of Black Life Matters and Antifa Anarchists. All of this was a test of strength – and the authorities failed the test.

STAGE TWO is establishing a quasi-state on a political, ethnical or tribal basis. The head of the tribe or the “resistance movement” forms a repressive apparatus, intimidates rivals and gets rid of the unwanted. At first, the main victims of the PLO were local Arabs. Israel turned a blind eye to their misfortunes and paid a heavy price for this.

In Arab countries, the spontaneous violence of crowds was replaced with gangs, tribes and movements with exotic names, such as Saiqa brigade, Toubou Front for the Salvation of Libya, Zintan Brigade - in Libya, or Martyrs of Syria Brigades, Ahrar Souriya Brigade, Descendants of Saladin Brigade, Sultan Murad Division - in Syria. They strengthened their possessions and at the same time learned the crude lexicon of liberals.

This process was accompanied by tribal and criminal wars, where causes of the conflicts could be varied. For example, in November 2016 in the Libyan city of Sabha, a ruthless war between two clans continued for several days. The reason: a pet monkey belonging to the Qaddadfa clan stole a headscarf of a schoolgirl belonging to the Awlad Suleiman clan. The parties used tanks, mortars and machine guns. The result was about 20 dead, including (alas!) the poor pet monkey.

Arafat taught a brilliant lesson on how to make the most of the so-called “useful idiots” of the West and Israel. In Arabic he spoke about the land “from the Sea to the River”, in English - about peace and democracy. Americans trained his policemen, who later participated in the second intifada and killed, in particular, American people.

Today, anyone who has learned the simple repertoire of the liberals is considered a partner for progress and democracy. In Libya, Bernard-Henri Levy discussed the future of Libyan democracy with the gang leaders. The USA allocated half a billion dollars for the establishment of the “moderate Syrian opposition” - almost all of it passed on to jihadists.

Western Europe has also passed this stage. Quasi-states (No-Go Zones) with their own rulers and laws have been formed randomly. Caucasian gangs are at war with Arab gangs, Kurdish - with Turkish, Albanian - with African. The authorities and the media pretend that nothing is happening.

STAGE THREE. The victorious ruler establishes his own economy where the law of the jungle reigns: drug business, gambling business, human and weapons trafficking.

The main source of income here is government subsidies and humanitarian aid from the outside. Arafat turned the PA into a giant black hole, where billions of dollars and euros disappear without a trace. (Two billion euros disappeared here from 2008 to 2012, according to the European Court of Auditors, audit dated October 2013).

Arafat was a billionaire. Mahmous Abbas is a multimillionaire. Millionaires are the fat cats of the Fatah. However, make sure to remember that the miserable Palestinian economy is a victim of the occupation...

In Somalia, humanitarian aid successfully migrated to the pockets of local “barons”, such as Mohamed Aidid. The same happened in Libya, Syria, Yemen ...

In Western Europe this stage has already passed into normalcy. The state subsidizes No-Go Zones. Social aid allocated to their inhabitants successfully migrates into bank accounts of the rulers of the enclaves in the form of expropriations. These zones glow, expand and form a global black market network. Kalashnikovs can be purchased here for several hundred dollars only.

STAGE FOUR. Since the majority of the populations of the enclaves are Muslims, and Islam is the most organized, oppressive and dominant religion, it becomes a dominant ideology. The ruler takes the side of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Salafis and jihadists. Otherwise they will overthrow him.

The first time this happened was in Gaza, when Hamas overcame the corrupt Fatah during 2007 election and then destroyed its opponents physically. Today, only Israeli bayonets prevent the establishment of HAMAStan in the 'West Bank.'

The same process happened later in Libya, Syria, Somalia and Yemen, where mini-caliphates were established within the borders of the tribal formations. ISIS is the most striking, but at the same time typical, example of such phenomenon. The territories controlled by HAMAS, Front of Al Nusra, Islamists of Libya, the al-Qaida of Yemen - are the same mini-caliphates. Only a decisive general, such as al-Sisi or Khalifa Haftar, or an external force can oppose them.

In Western Europe these mini-caliphates with surreal names like Islamic Emirates or Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets have grown rapidly with endless mosques and madrassahs. They establish their own militias, find spiritual preachers, train future shahids and receive a strong support from abroad. In 2012, Qatar alone allocated 50 million euros to support Muslims in France. Malmo is controlled by the MB. Sweden, according to the Commissioner of the National Police Dan Eliasson, is “on the brink of a civil war”. Brussels and Parisian suburbs, like Seine-Saint-Denis, suburbs of British cities are ruled by Salafis. The streets of Germany are patrolled by Salafi bikers. About 60% of the mosques in Italy are under control of the MB.

In the USA, the BLM and its black ghetto has gone under the control of the Nation of Islam and CAIR – a branch of the MB. Indian reservations are influenced by Islamic radicals. The same thing happened in Canada, where rapid Islamization of the problematic neighborhoods has taken place after the retirement of Stephen Harper. Nihad Awad, the director of CAIR in Canada, calls on Muslims to support BLM.

In Arabic, imams call for raping and murdering infidels. In English, French and German they speak about Islamophobia and human rights. The Labour MP Naz Shah, a key ally of Jeremy Corbyn, appealed to the victims of a Muslim gang rapists “to shut their mouths for the good of diversity.” Arafat heirs use his know-how in masterly fashion.

And eventually STAGE FIVE - the transition from solitary and spontaneous attacks inspired by preachers to an organized total jihad. HAMAS has developed an ideal terror guide taking into account liberal discourse and Western mentality. It tested this jihad strategy on the Holy Land and passed its know-how to jihadists around the world.

It includes not only terror by suicide but rocket attacks on the enemy’s civilian objects from the depths of the Muslim enclaves; living shields in hospitals, schools and mosques; capture of hostages; using mass death of the local population for the purpose of political propaganda; receiving empathy from the Western media; paralysis of the “state of infidels” and turning it into a hostage of the media, judicial structures, human rights defenders and international opinion.

In our time a few missiles in the Muslim suburb of Lyon, Paris, London or Hamburg are enough to paralyze the life of the city, provoke a mass panic and exodus.

If you believe that this is nothing but the ravings of a madman, you should recall that the scenario of mass murders on the streets of European megalopolises seemed unbelievable just two years ago.

And Israel?

Israel hasn’t lost the war against terror, but hasn’t won it either. The weakness of its leaders and the pressure of the “progressive community” again and again prevented it from bringing the game to an end. No one can guarantee that HAMAS will not come to power in the 'West Bank', will not assert its authority in Jordan together with the Muslim Brotherhood, and will not grip the “Zionist regime” tightly in its pincers.

However in comparison with the West, Israel is in a winning position. There is a high birth rate here; a significant part of the population is firmly tied to the land, having national and religious roots; the life in the besieged camp has developed people's readiness  for elf-defense, made a habit of war and discipline, which is absolutely alien to Western youth.

Jihadists have developed a well-considered and thought-out strategy. They have tested it at their polygon in the Holy Land. They have fortified themselves in the very heart of the West. They have mastered the skill of brainwashing the Western mentality, acquired countless and powerful allies and, step by step using lies, terror and violence are subjugating the infidels, whose territories are considered by them to be  “Dar al-Harb” ("House of war").

Wasp-parasites called Reclinervellus nielseni place larvae in other insects, such as spiders, turning them into zombie slaves. Wasps force their victims to feverishly build houses for them in the form of cocoons and then kill them. The game is over. It’s the perfect murder.