Stop lying: There was plenty of leftist violence in Charlottesville
Stop lying: There was plenty of leftist violence in Charlottesville

Reposted from Frontpage magazine.

The source is the Hill's Taylor Lorenz, who was punched in the face by leftist thugs. There have been plenty of accounts, but this comes from a mainstream media source which should make it much harder for the media to deny the leftist violence that day and gives a credible overview of the dynamics of the situation. 

I'm excerpting a few pieces that stand out.

Saturday saw many storefronts in Charlottesville shuttered ahead of expected fighting, which began hours before the noon start time for the planned right-wing rally.

This is significant because it makes the police failure all the more blatant. Especially after similar clashes in other cities. Everyone knew this was coming. The police certainly did. Job #1 would have been to keep both sides separate. That might not have changed the outcome, but it remains a striking failure that isn't being discussed much.

The event never began, with a state of emergency declared and the white nationalists pushed out of the park before alt-right leaders like Richard Spencer could even take the stage. Violent clashes between both sides ahead of the event left several bloodied. 

After their rally was quashed, roughly 100 dejected white nationalists tried to regroup at a more distant park.

At that point, they were more interested in getting out of Charlottesville and performing makeshift medical care on their political allies than returning to the scene of the clashes.  One man proposed retreating to nearby woods to avoid police or anti-fascist protesters. 

No conservatives should support Nazis. But it needs to be said just as loudly, that the media must stop supporting Communists. 
So we pretty much have the scene set. Nazis and Communists fought. The outcome was fairly predictable. Some of the marchers had been tricked into coming. They didn't realize that they would be attending a white supremacist rally. 

I have no sympathy for either Nazis or Commies and it's clear both sides were violent and looking for a fight. Arguably the Commies picked a fight with an existing rally. But at this point everyone knows what ride they're buying a ticket on. That is however no excuse for the failures of the authorities to deal with the situation.Law enforcement officers understand that the most dangerous parts of rallies like this come afterward. But this was already a disaster. Crowd control has been non-existent. But fights tend to break out afterward when different groups might be mingling. 

Again, basic doctrine should have had crowd control and tracking of the people drifting out. That didn't happen either.

“Our plan is to get out of here,” said one man who refused to give his name. “Everyone is scattered.”

Still, they fumed over their ejection.

One man in a white military helmet with a walkie-talkie, who also declined to give his name, spoke about a need for “shooters” who could return to the center of Charlottesville and catalogued with his political allies the number of guns available to them.

Another man with a walkie-talkie put out a call asking for help from “all goys” in the area, a reference to non-Jews. Others heckled a reporter with anti-Semitic slurs, asking how many “shekels” the man would get. 

So at this point the rally had ended. For all intents and purposes. But smaller clashes were beginning. 

While the alt-right retreated, anarchists and left-wing counter-protesters were beginning to hype each other up. 

“Antifa” counter-protesters enjoyed their victory, with some burning flags affiliated with white nationalist causes.

Leftists attacked an SUV throwing rocks and bottles at it. Not remotely peaceful.

Hundreds of counter-protesters marched down Water Street chanting “Whose streets? Our streets!”  

As the crowd approached the corner of Water and Fourth Street, they were told that neighborhood residents did not want them to turn right to go further into the neighborhood.

“You guys, we spoke to community organizers,” one counter-protester shouted. “We need to turn back. Walk up that street,” he shouted, gesturing to the wide alley to the crowd's left. 

Those marching listened, and turned left to go in the opposite direction.

The mood also seemed to shift, as some at the front of the line danced and others spoke of having driven “the racists out of town.”

Suddenly, screams and a repeated thumping sound could be heard.

A grey Dodge Challenger was driving through the crowd at an accelerated speed, and bodies were banging against its windshield.

The speed strongly suggests this was deliberate. And if you're trying to escape, the worst possible way to do that is to drive into a crowd of people. So I don't find the claims that the attacker was trying to escape attacks on his car very convincing. But certainly leftist violence had set the stage.

The bottom line in all this is that the leftist rally was not remotely peaceful. It had, at best, sizable contingents of violent people. And the sooner the media stops repeating its lies about a peaceful rally, the better. 

There was plenty of leftist violence that day. And the media, which glamorizes Antifa, bears its share of the blame for the outcome. 

No conservatives should support Nazis. But it needs to be said just as loudly, that the media must stop supporting Communists.