Muslims will take over Europe through fertility
Muslims will take over Europe through fertility

It is the first time that such a denunciation does not come from an exponent of the most conservative wing of the Catholic clergy, but from a high representative of the ordinarily reserved French Catholicism, the Archbishop of Strasbourg Luc Ravel, nominated by Pope Francis last February.

In an interview with the Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace daily newspaper, the archbishop first talked about abortion numbers: “Abortion is not only granted but encouraged. And this is an encouragement that I can not accept, not because of a question of faith, but because I love France”. Then Ravel said: “Muslim believers know very well that their fertility is such today, that they call it … the Great Replacement. They tell you in a very calm, very positive way: One day all this, all this will be ours … .”.

This is the first time that a powerful Catholic prelate, on the level of the Starerasbourg arcibishop of Luc Ravel, uses the expression coined by the writer Renaud Camus, “Grand Remplacement”, the replacement of the French people by Islam.

And just two weeks ago, a fierce controversy broke out on the Répliques radio program on France Culture when the philosopher Alain Finkielkraut dared to invite Camus himself to speak of the “Grand Remplacement”.

Archbishop of Strasbourg Luc Ravel, has already provoked debate in France. In 2015, he wrote an essay to explain that Christians in Europe find themselves between two blazing fires, “the terrorist bomb, the vengeful prophet” on the one hand, and on the other “the thought terrorists, the adorers of the Republic”. So that “we will not be held hostage by Islamists, but we do not want to be held hostage by the bienpensants”. Ravel has certainly broken two taboos with his last interview.

Today in France, a quarter of births still end in an abortion. Of 800,000 births each year, there are about 220,000 pregnancys ending in abortion. Eight million abortions, give or take, since 1975.

Ravel then raised the topic of the “overtaking” of Islam and its demographic growth.

At the beginning of the year, Insee publishes the civil status figures for names given to children born in France since 1900. So in Seine-Saint-Denis 42.9 percent are Muslim names, 26.3 in the Val-de-Marne, 23.5 in Rhone, 20 in Bouches-du-Rhône, 19 in Hérault and 17.1 in Paris. 

No one knows how many Muslims are in France (it is forbidden to collect ethnic-religious statistics). But in two decades, the French Muslim population is supposed to have increased by 25 percent according to the lowest estimates, by 50 percent for median estimates, by 100 percent when comparing the Ined figures and the government's from 1997 to 2014, ranging from three to six million.

It is two, three, six times the average growth of the French population in the past. Perhaps that is why the phrase “Grand Remplacement” is so frighteining to the élites.