In the UK it is legal to wage war against the Jews
In the UK it is legal to wage war against the Jews

It is now official. Local councils in the United Kingdom will be able to refuse to invest in Israel, in accordance with a June 22 decision by the High Court.

Last autumn, the British government bravely issued guidance information to local councils warning them that they could not choose so-called ethical investment schemes that boycotted sectors such as defence and fossil fuel or refused to invest in Israel. The High Court now rules that the government erred.

It is now legal in the UK to officialy wage war against the Jews.

I use the word “Jew” because only the Israeli Jews are publicly targeted by these British campaigns of isolation and boycott.

Only the Israeli Jewish professors and students are discriminated against in British universities.

Only the Israeli Jews are singled out by British writers in their books and articles.

Only the Israeli Jewish companies are boycotted by British labor unions.

Only the Israeli Jewish politicians are attacked by British politicians, such as Jeremy Corbyn.

Only the Israeli Jewish military officials are targeted with warrants by British judges.

Only the Israeli Jewish scholars are fired by British academic journals.

Only the Israeli Jews are depicted as monsters in British cartoons.

This is pure and simple anti-Semitism.

The British liberal establishment would like Israel to disappear. That is their meaning of “peace”.
Local councils and university student associations should have not be able to legally boycott “non-ethical” companies tied with Israel. Democracy must defend itself, it is not a phony legal procedure.

And hate must be outlawed. From Jeremy Corbyn to Amnesty International, the liberal circles denounced the governmental decision as a “serious attack on democratic freedoms”. In 2014, the Leicester City Council approved the boycott of goods produced in “Israeli settlements”. Four Scottish councils have decided also to boycott the Israeli products: Clackmannanshire, Midlothian, Stirling and West Dunbartonshire.

These sanctions target only the Jewish State among the two hundred territorial disputes that exist in the world, from Western Sahara to Chinese-Tibet. Only the Israeli Jews are demonized and isolated.

While missiles launched by Hamas's Palestinian terrorists fell on the roofs of Israeli schools of Sderot and Sapir College, the British union of teachers not only did not show solidarity with the Israeli students and professors used as targets, but, in fact, chose that time to run an appeal for the boycott of Israeli academic institutions.

The British liberal establishment would like Israel to disappear. That is their meaning of “peace”.

If you watch the BBC, read the London Review of Books, watch a play at the London Theatre or participate at a conference in any British public university, you will hear a level of anti-Semitism that doesn't exist even in the Arab-Islamic world, much too busy with its own internal troubles.

In the British establishment, the Israeli Jews are the enemy. The political fall of Theresa May and the rising of Jeremy Corbyn indicate dark times not only for the United Kingdom, but also for the Jews.