Have you been to Ramallah? UNHRC says it is like Dachau
Have you been to Ramallah? UNHRC says it is like Dachau

Amnesty International never asked to boycott the occupation by Indonesia of East Timor or Papua, nor of Turkey in Cyprus, Russia in Georgia and Crimea, Morocco in Western Sahara, or China in Tibet. There is only one state that Amnesty invokes for a selective boycott: the Jewish State. And what better occasion than the Israeli celebrations of the fifty years since the 1967 war to invoke the ban on its goods? 

So Amnesty has just invoked a boycott of Israeli goods produced in the post 1967 lands. Kate Allen, head of Amnesty in UK, said Britain and other European countries have “the legal and moral duty” to introduce “the ban on goods produced in Israeli settlements”. The Board of Deputies of the Jewish community in England has condemned Amnesty for “ignoring the Palestinians stabbing,  car attacks and gunfire attacks” Israel suffered. Marie van der Zyl, vice president of the Jewish organization, said that “Amnesty should remember that human rights are universal and apply to the Israelis as well”.

But hate doesn't obscure the minds of the humanitarian only on the Thames. On the shores of Lake Geneva, the UN Human Rights Council has just accused Israel of transforming Ramallah, the capital of Palestinian autonomy, into a concentration camp. 

Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, head of that UN council, just said during the general session: “I grew not far from the Palestinian refugee camp at Baqa'a. I worked in the Wihdat refugee camp. I've been to Auschwitz-Birkenau, I visited Dachau and saw Buchenwald ...”. Hussein went on by comparing the “Palestinian suffering” with the Shoah.

In those very same hours, at the World Health Organization, another UN agency, the worst dictators of the earth met for a report accusing Israel of violating Palestinian health rights. There were all, from Cuba to China, but also Syria, Sudan and Zimbabwe. But there was, above all, Venezuela, which condemned Israel for “the serious problems of access to water, the economic crisis and unemployment”. 

The UN agency for health has allowed Israel to be demonized and singled out by a country, Venezuela, where malaria is again a national emergency, mentally ill people are abandoned on the street and children are dying at a higher pace than in Syria.

Yeah, Syria. Always good, especially to blame Israel.

So Pierre Krahenbuhl, the head of the UN agency for the Palestinians, Unrwa, has spread a fundraising campaign using the image of a girl among the rubble. It is a pity that the picture was not taken in Gaza, but in Damascus. A few hours later, to complete the cycle of humanitarian hypocrisy, two tunnels were discovered, used by Hamas to infiltrate Israel, and they were built in two United Nations' schools.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seized the opportunity to demand the closure of Unrwa. Many resources could be move from perpetuating the status of the 4th generation Palestinian "refugees" to help more recent refugees, many of whom are Muslim victims of Islamists in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan and Nigeria. 

But I doubt that in the near future European cities will organize “Weeks against apartheid in Aleppo”. These insane humanitarians only enjoy the demonization of the Jews.