Islamists have killed 1,534 Europeans. Will something change, Ms. May?
Islamists have killed 1,534 Europeans. Will something change, Ms. May?

The first 16 years of the 21st century have claimed 658 victims of terrorist attacks on European soil. A new report drafted by the European MP Maite Pagazaurtundúa from Spain accounts all the victims of terrorist attacks committed in Europe during the period 2000-2016, as well as another number: Europeans who have been victims of terrorism outside of the Community borders, 1,029 people. The report includes all the victims who died at the hands of any of the terrorist groups recognized by the EU. But of these, 1,534 have been killed by Islamic organizations. 

While I am closing this column, the British police unveiled the identity of the third terrorist who attacked London this week, leaving behind 7 dead. The terrorist comes from my country, Italy, where his mother lives, an Italian who married a Moroccan man. In these hours, another Islamist attacked the French police in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral, the most important Catholic site in France. 

For 16 years now, the warriors of Allah are butchering Europeans at home and abroad, from Iraq to Afghanistan, where the coalition forces are now losing the war. But after 1,534 victims, what has Europe done to reverse this terrible trend? Nothing. The media, the political class, the intelligence services, the army, they are all paralyzed. 

Everybody knows what Europe should do to defeat terrorism and stop this wave: close the radical mosques, raid the "sensitive" areas to intimidate the population, strip the nationality of radical Muslims, control the borders, ban Islamic fundamentalist symbols, lay on severe penalties for incitement to hatred, profile without fearing political correctness. 

London's bridges are now being brotected by big blocks of cement against the car attacks I have only seen one other democracy under siege: the State of Israel. The British could also emulate Israel with another solution for their Islamic majority neighborhoods, such as Barking, where one of the terrorists was living: those large red signs that in Judea and Samaria warn you that you are entering a Palestinian Arab area, where a Jew risks being lynched. 

Last January, I entered one of those areas with a brave Israeli to visit Negohot: 10 km to reach what the British call a "Jewish settlement", while in fact it is a small oasis of Western civilization in an Arab-Islamic sea. This is what our Eurabia's cities will become if we do not abandon this horrible complacency.  

Teresa May, this is your chance.