Military strategy vs. the rabbis
Military strategy vs. the rabbis

There is method behind the madness targeting religious soldiers by changing the rules with mixing genders and bathrooms and with the inclusion of women into combat roles.  There is more at stake than the issue of gender, equality of opportunity in all branches of the IDF. 

We are now experiencing a demographic turnaround that has been building for many years – the secular decision-makers who are now in the minority versus the majority whose lifestyles are traditional.  It is the character of the Jewish State against a minority of people whose values ape those of an immoral world.

A few years ago it became obvious that half of the soldiers who were entering officers' courses were from the religious sector, a terrifying prospect for the ruling anti-religious leftists who feared, irrationally, that a traditional army complying with Jewish law would usurp their lifestyle and that of the whole country.

Leftists began by criticizing rabbis and observant commanders encouraging and blessing soldiers during the Gaza war, sometimes for comparing IDF fighters to the armies of ancient Jewish history, although armies all over the world accept that kind of morale-building.  They then reduced the strength of the IDF Rabbinate and continued scheduling activities during prayer times, despite complaints. 

Young innocent women and their parents were assured of personal safety in mixed service, which was an unrealistic claim.   True, they were assisted by women from their own camp who believed that they were citizens of the world, hanging on to foreign ideas of gender equality whilst ignoring the physical differences between men and women.

The strategy of the left is to use military tactics.  To begin with they chose to divide and rule, knowing better than to attack single-gender battalions.
The strategy of the left is to use military tactics.  To begin with they chose to divide and rule, knowing better than to attack single-gender battalions.  They have targeted individuals throughout the military such as the Tank Corps and the Navy.  A single soldier in a submarine is weaker po‎sition than a whole battalion such as Netzach Yehudah.  Religious soldiers have now spread out into the different branches of the IDF.  The aim is to remove them from po‎sitions of power as they become upwardly mobile, to break them and frustrate their career ambitions.   

These tactical moves are not in the interests of the IDF.  It is a fallacy that there are insufficient numbers and that women are needed in combat roles.  Anyway, with the rise of technology it is not solely a numbers game: it will be brains that will determine military strength.   What has not been taken into account is that for every female combatant there will be dozens of haredi and religious Zionist men who will be refusers.  Valuable career soldiers will leave the service as conditions become intolerable, a waste of the investment in their training.    

The rabbis have made statements as to what is right and what is wrong in Jewish law.  They are recommending that individual soldiers do not to agree to this behaviour, even if they have to go to jail or not progress further in their chosen career.  This is precisely what the leftists want: less religious soldiers in higher po‎sitions, less power from that sector and a defence force that represents their ideology.  They have already spent seventy years brainwashing the youth of Israel with their own ideology.   Their strategy is to pick off religious soldiers one by one. There are very few clusters of incidents, only separate issues affecting single soldiers.  They even have a plan to train a few able women as a trial to include them into the tank corps. 

That strategy is known as getting ahead by stealth.     

The solution to defeat this should be that the whole religious establishment come up with a different strategy to enable religious soldiers to continue their progression into po‎sitions of influence in the IDF and to reverse these changes. 

It may be the refusal of whole battalions joined by reservists to serve unless positive changes are made.   Once thousands and thousands of soldiers and reservists band together as one in the interest of the Jewish people led by the Religious Zionist rabbis, we will see the real challenge to the status quo.  The aim will be to strengthen the IDF.  The sheer numbers of refusers will make a difference.  The Rabbinate must give careful thought and plan their own realistic strategy to defeat those wanting to secularize the IDF. This will not be a military coup, or even part of one.  It will be the people standing up against a whole system including the judicial system which has put Ottoman and British law ahead of Jewish law. 

 It will be the Case of Jewish Law verses the Leftists.  This matter must be resolved.


There is a young woman whom I am related to who lives in a home for the mentally ill and will be there for years to come, probably for her whole lifetime.   She was raped during her service in the army.  Her mother dropped dead of a heart attack when she found out. The woman has not recovered.   She was a beautiful girl, happy and healthy before being consc‎ripted.  Her life was ruined.  She is not the only one.  Women in the army are joked about by young male soldiers, demeaned and not respected. 

The time has come for change.