Look out for TNCPI: The Trump-Netanyahu Comprehensive Peace Initiative
Look out for TNCPI: The Trump-Netanyahu Comprehensive Peace Initiative

The Two State solution? Nebich, YIddish for poor, small, petty and pitiful. In other words, the peace plan that Mr. Peres, the Clintons and the globalist Left shoveled down our collective Jewish throats, known as the Oslo Accords, and the subsequent waves of the Oslo terror wars that cost many hundreds of Israeli lives, are nothing, a holiday, compared to what may very well be coming from the new Trump presidency, despite of all the enthusiasm and wide-spread optimism that surrounds it in Israel.

In partnership with Jared and Yael Kushner, the president’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, and with Bibi Netanyahu on the Israeli side, they are presumably aiming higher than anyone has before them: A Big, Comprehensive Peace Initiative is in the making. You thought the Oslo Accords were bad? Think worse! Chances are that what is being planned for Israel may G-d forbid very well turn out to be a lot worse for the Children of Israel than anyone could have imagined up until only a few months ago.

You thought the Oslo Accords were bad? Think worse!
The fact of the matter is that the Obama-Clinton-Kerry, Democratic, leftist, Federica Mogherini, European Union Nuclear deal with Iran created a new reality on the ground in the Middle East, empowering the Ayatollahs in Tehran in the region. Such empowerment sends the Arab states, now in fear of Iran, running right into the open arms of the Western powers that include the State of Israel, looking for a life insurance policy to protect their wealth, health and happiness.

So, whereas the old Two States peace plan proposed an agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, which is a member of the Arab League, as a precondition for peace between Israel and the Arab states in general,intrinsically sending the price over the roof, for under such a deal the Palestinian Arabs are promoted to be kingmakers and constantly solicited to present better and better offers for themselves, the new Trump-Netanyahu deal will likely to turn this logic on its head and propose a Big and Comprehensive Israel-Arab League peace deal first, which would contain within it an Israeli-PA peace deal. It may be the old Two State solution, but only as an integral part of the new Big Trump-Netanyahu Plan.

Under these conditions the so called Palestinians would lose their prima-donna status and be forced to accept whatever they are offered. This deal would be seen as too big to fail, which is a classic Trump card: Not only the Arab League countries, but the entire Arab world would earn their safety vis-à-vis the Iran threat and Israel would have its desired peace with them, earning Netanyahu a Nobel Peace Prize, which is something we assume he wants. Wealthy Israelis, mainly the secular, could flock to the malls and sunbathe on the beaches of Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, just to mention a few of the new tourist attractions that  would promoted here, in G-d’s holy Land.

Such a peace deal would also require Israel to withdraw from Judea and Samaria, the “Territories”, to at least formally appease the Palestinian Arabs. Who do you think would care, in the context of such a bold and sweeping proposal? The Left? They would go wild for it, more than they went wild for the Two State solution. The Right? Well, they would just do it as they did it many times in the past, selling out the Jews and Torah.

It seems fair to assume that this is the real reason Netanyahu treats the Amona residents the way he does and that this is why he is not annexing Area C: He wants to keep the Territories as liquid, as give-away-ready as possible.

Sorry Bennett, your intentions are worthy, but your annexation plan is already outdated, part of the political history of this not-so-Jewish State, outmaneuvered and replaced by the TNCPI, the new Trump-Netanyahu Comprehensive Peace Initiative, soon to be launched on your favorite evening newscasts. (G-d forbid!)