Now  you can come clean, Mr. Obama
Now you can come clean, Mr. Obama

There’s no time here to tell the story of Purim, but briefly it’s about Haman’s plot to wipe out the Jews.

By tradition, when the Megillah is read and his name comes up, we jeer and voice our displeasure by use of the gragger, a noise-maker that is difficult to explain just as Barack Hussein Obama is difficult to explain -- except that it’s my guess that one day we’ll be using the gragger for him too, whenever his name comes up.

This new tradition may begin in March, when Purim comes round again and we thank God for Esther, only this time we’ll thank God for Trump as well.

Both arrived in the nick of time – Esther in Persia; Trump in America.

Both arrived in the nick of time – Esther in Persia; Trump in America.
If you doubt that Obama had the same schemes in mind as per Haman, consider his final trick at the last hour of his presidency.

No less than $221 million he parceled over to the same Palestinian Arabs whose main business is murdering Israelis.

Trump has since foiled the plot by placing a hold on the gift.

But there was much that could not be stopped as over a period of eight years Obama proved again and again that he had no love for the Jewish people.

No love for Christians, either, by the way. He would never bow to the Queen of England. But for the King of Saudi Arabia, yes he bowed.

He bowed to that type throughout his two terms. Never forget his joining the wolves at the UN to pass Resolution 2334 that was intended to devour the Jewish State.

Never forget his snubbing of Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of America’s only true friend in the entire Middle East.

Never forget his secret deals with Iran – those billions of our money he forked over to his pals the mullahs.

The only reason for that was to give them the means to build bombs and rockets aimed at Israel and the United States.

Obama had no love for either country, certainly not Israel, and not even America, where by hook and by crook he got himself elected those two times.

He succeeded by hiding his past. He was lucky. He came along just at the moment when the establishment news media had turned fanatically leftward and were in search of a savior. In Obama they found their man and they covered for him from one scandal to the next – and they asked no questions.

To this day we still have no answers. So forgive me for burying the headline, which should have read that now would be a perfect time for Obama to come clean.

Where was he born? I mean really. We kept getting assurances that he was born in the United States but usually from sources not known for telling the truth -- Obama himself and The New York Times. Obama lied when he said if we like our doctor (under Obamacare) we can keep our doctor, and The New York Times lies about everything.

So we still don’t know where he was born and if that puts me in the category of one of those conspiracy nuts, well okay.

But Obama’s eight years have taught me not to believe anybody. I am further tempted to ask if, as Obama claims, he taught Constitutional Law.

If it was Columbia, where’s the whoopee from students and fellow professors? Hardly any of them has spoken up.

That should be a column for another day. Or better yet – let’s just ring him out with graggers and sing halleluiah that he’s been replaced.

He’s been replaced by a man who celebrates America – and wasn’t born in Kenya.

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