What the head of the Charity Commission in the UK, William Shawcross, said to the Sunday Telegraph, was merciless but historic . Humanitarian NGOs have become the Trojan horse of Islamic extremism. Charities are used for terrorist purposes.

There are many ways in which Islamic terrorism is self-financing and lives through the suicidal generosity of the European taxpayer. One is known as the welfare state. The terrorists who struck Paris and Brussels used the generous British welfare to fund Jihad.

But there is another, more sinister supply route and it is that of NGOs, non-governmental organizations.

In Britain, NGOs are a majestic apparatus: a fifth of humanitarian aid every year allocated by Downing Street goes into the pockets of charities. A huge amount of money goes to Jihad and Islamism. The British Commission, for example, prevented the flow of money that two NGOs, the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust and Anita Roddick Foundation, had allocated to Islamist associations. In particular, the NGO Cage with its Jihadist sympathies is handsomely supported by foundations such as the Joseph Rowntree Trust, the Quaker fund created by the chocolate magnate.

There is the case of Aid Convoy, a British NGO accused of channeling money to the fighters of the Islamic State, in particular through the sweets prepared for Syrian children. The charity had come under investigation in December 2012, when the Kent police seized more than 40,000 pounds on one of its members in Dover leaving for Syria.

The NGO Global-Fatiha should have brought support and aid to Syrian refugees fleeing the war, but in truth rerouted the funds to buy weapons for the Islamic State. The Charity Commission in the UK also said that “aid convoys” to Syria are often exploited by jihadists. The suicide bomber Abdul Waheed Majeed reached Syria via a “convoy” organized by a British NGO, Children in Deen.

The same British aid worker, Alan Henning, killed by Jihadi John in the wilderness of Raqqa, was taken to Syria with a convoy of humanitarian aid. A trap. The HSBC bank has severed links with one of the largest British NGOs, Islamic Relief, over alleged fears of funding Jihadist terror. The Islamic Relief receives millions of pounds from the UK Department for Development. Earlier, the Israeli government had banned the Islamic Relief from Judea and Samaria in 2014 for links with the terror organization Hamas.

Another English NGO, the Society for the Unwell and Needy, has links with a Pakistani Islamist movement. British politicians are often involved. One is Diane Abbott, Labour’s shadow minister, who received a donation from another NGO under investigation for ties to terror, the Muslim Charities Forum.

Humanitarianism has definitively crossed the red line separating the defense of human rights and the care for the victims of war from thjose in collusion with those responsible, often, for the same bloodbaths.