Is Israel demolishing homes legally?
Is Israel demolishing homes legally?
I truly hope that there will be a peaceful future for Israelis, Jews and Arabs alike, and innocent people in all the other countries in the Middle East.
Unfortunately there is much disinformation, misinformation and outright lies involved in the vicious propaganda war currently being waged against the only true democratic country in the Middle East, the state of Israel. Whatever the outcome of this struggle will be, it will definitively have a major effect on the lives of many individuals in the entire free world.
Shockingly, any organizations, which carry impressive names, like “Human Rights”, “Justice”, “Amnesty” and even some “UN Commissions”, are hijacked by powerful self-serving groups. Therefore, many of their official messages and reports are maliciously anti-Israeli and anti-freedom, and as a consequence, they may put the future of our own well being at risk. The documented information about their activitis is available from several important oversight organizations.

For example:  covers some of the bias in the UN, covers some of the Arab Palestinian Propaganda, covers some of the Media Bias, and covers some of the information within the Radical Islamic groups which is not readily available in the West.

Making malicious allegations against Israel will not guarantee a better future for the Jewish and Arab Children of the region, nor will it bring to a peaceful resolution of the conflict in the Middle East, nor will it make the lives of people in Western cities any better.

In order to try and preserve some basic principles of a stable modern society, law and order must be maintained, for the safety of all citizens.

Addressing the topic of home demolitions, we must understand that out of control construction of illegal buildings in an existing city should not lead to granting them automatic retroactive permits to stand. In any civilized society there are professionally designed master city plans, and individuals should plan their own home construction accordingly, making sure to  receive the relevant building permits.

As for the issue of demolishing houses of terrorists, the Israeli Supreme Court, in compliance with the law, closely monitors the process and protects the rights of the innocent. Due to vicious terror activity most often aimed at innocent civilians, Israeli authorities have looked for deterrents. They have identified that demolition of the homes of the terrorists serves to prevents some of these despicable acts and therefore have established a legal way to address this issue.
There are many questions, which are asked about the Arab Israeli conflict, and some of those are clearly addressed in few words in a very short but valuable booklet from StandWithUs.

In addition, the SPJ is a subversive group with an anti Israeli and anti-Jewish agenda.

The new anti Israeli project of the SJP addressing the issue out of context and with no explanation of the circumstances leading to the home demolitions, is just another attempt to demonize Israel. The malicious agenda and the extensive connections of SJP with a variety of subversive organizations may pose a serious risk not only to Israel, but also to our future and to our well-being all over the world.
Any well-informed and peace-loving individual will see through the propaganda and will try to work toward a peaceful collaboration between individuals for a better future for all people of conscience.