The Second Letter Netanyahu did NOT write to Jean-Claude Juncker
The Second Letter Netanyahu did NOT write to Jean-Claude Juncker

Ed. Note: Jean-Claude Juncker is European politician from Luxembourg who has been President of the European Commission, the executive branch of the European Union, since 2014.

Dear Mr. Juncker,

While the European Union is in deep crisis, it has once again found it necessary to condemn Israel for approving the building of a few houses in the disputed territories. This censure concerns the construction of 98 homes on government-owned land in Shilo.[2] The EU’s behavior in this instance reminds me of an article by scholar Rivkah Fishman-Duker about Byzantium in the seventh century. She wrote that while Islam was conquering many Christian territories, the Byzantine leaders were instead obsessed with worries about the rather insignificant Jews.[3]

While surplus staff of the EU keeps giving negative attention to our housing plans, the Union’s so-called “experts” have ignored the Greek economic crisis for many years. These problems therefore keep festering until today. Meanwhile, French presidential candidate Alain Juppé says about his own country: “If 24% of young people under 25 years are unemployed, a country is not doing well.”[4]

Some of my junior staff members read European newspapers. From their summaries, the lack of unity in the EU becomes clear, as well as several other major problems. Economics Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz believes that Italy will have to abandon the Euro in the near future. Prominent German economist Hans Werner Sinn agrees and says that the Euro is a great failure: “From a peace project it has become a divisive element.”[5] They are not alone. Now the same is even said by Otmar Issing, the first chief economist of the European Central Bank. He played an important role in the creation of the monetary union.[6]

It is not only the Euro that has come under fire recently. Jens Spahn, the Christian Democrat deputy finance minister of Germany stated that, “We are, without any doubt, within the worst times ever for the European Union.”[7] The citizens of several member countries are dissatisfied with EU policies. One example is the Czech Republic. Its president Milos Zeman favors his country remaining a member of the EU. Yet he wants a national referendum regarding staying in the EU and in NATO.[8] Polls show that in 2015, 62% of Czechs would have voted to leave the EU.[9]

One of the biggest issues dividing the EU, and especially its populace, is the refugee crisis. The Austrian Foreign Minister, Sebastian Kurz, has criticized the decision of the German government to allow more refugees from Greece and Italy to immigrate into Germany. He said that instead, the external borders of the EU should be better guarded.[10]

After the huge influx of refugees, the EU only now has made a plan to control its outer borders.[11] One will have to wait to see how effective it is.

From my experience, during the time that elapses between our announcement of building a few houses in Judea or Samaria to your condemnation of it, much additional information about what is wrong with the EU accumulates.
In the meantime, the Pegida movement keeps feeding on the misjudged refugee policy.[12] Jean Asselborn, the foreign minister of your small country, uses Pegida for his own publicity. He says that parts of Germany’s mentality stirs up fear.[13] The German office for criminality (BKA) has made it known that of 8675 people suspected of being involved in organized crime, two thirds are not German nationals.[14]

Mr. Juncker, have you ever given your attention to the development of Muslim mini-states in Europe? The head of the German Police Union Rainer Went said that there is already one zone in Berlin where sharia is applied and a second one where traffic is regulated by Muslims.[15] Perhaps some EU members, for instance Sweden – which has recognized the non-existing Palestinian State -- will be happy also to recognize Muslim mini-states in Germany. Ultimately these little entities can perhaps join the EU and thus make Luxembourg a middle-sized member.

Your colleague, EU security commissioner Julian King, has warned that Europe must prepare for a fresh influx of ISIS jihadist returnees from Mosul as the Iraqi army moves in the town.[16]

There are also some other developments concerning Islam in Europe you might wish to take note off. French President François Hollande has said in a book of interviews he has given that his country has “a problem with Islam” and that there are too many illegal migrants arriving in France.” He is no longer covering up the truth by speaking about Islamism instead of Islam.[17] The Canard Enchainé journal has reported that after a variety of sabotage attempts, Air France is increasingly worried about more such incidents due to radicalization of some employees of itself and of suppliers.[18]

I suggest you distribute to all EU employees an article by the prominent scholar Bassam Tibi. He is originally from Damascus but has lived two-thirds of his life in Germany. Tibi has recently written that for a quarter of a century, until 2015, he has been promoting a bridge between European societies and Muslim immigrants. This was based on an Europeanization of Islam. He admits now: “I have lost. There will not be a Euro-Islam. I capitulate.” [19]

It is not my intention to write you long letters. I’ll ask a junior staffer to keep track of new problems in the EU. I intend to write to you again if your surplus employees repeat these condemnations. From my experience, during the time that elapses between our announcement of building a few houses in Judea or Samaria to your condemnation of it, much additional information about what is wrong with the EU accumulates.

There is one far more serious issue which I wish to raise with you. Less than a century ago, most European Jews were murdered by Europeans. European leaders seem to not have learned much from this. EU member states have let in huge numbers of immigrants from countries where the majority of the population is anti-Semitic. I think the time has come to stop the promotion of anti-Semitism by the EU through immigration. Israel will gladly help you develop vetting procedures for new immigrants.

I have to make one more non-diplomatic comment which has been on my mind for a long time. Have you ever thought hiring a psychologist to work out what is wrong with the mindset of the European Commission?


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