No, stupid, Trump is not like Hitler
No, stupid, Trump is not like Hitler

Aaron Sorkin is a most famous Hollywood screenwriter, writer of “The West Wing”, “The Newsroom”, “The Social Network” “and “Steve Jobs”. He just penned a letter published by Vanity Fair and addressed to his daughter Roxy and his wife Julia. Sorkin attacks the newly elected American president, Donald Trump, calling him “a totally incompetent pig with dangerous ideas” and a Ku Klux Klan supporter.

Sorkin’s letter contains the secret of Trump's great success: the liberal reaction to political defeat. And the arrogance of those who do not understand how it is possible that the whole system of ideas and life embodied and preached by Sorkin, the beautiful people of the West Wing, can be rejected by the "deplorables".

The seeds were already planted in 2004, when MoveOn, the liberal organization that is part of the Democratic Party system, launched a competition for the most beautiful video against President George W. Bush. The face of Hitler that turned into that of Bush won the contest. But then Democratic challenger, John Kerry, lost the election. And too many daughters of America grew up thinking that a Nazi took control of Pennsylvania Avenue.

From her poolside in Beverly Hills, Cher tweeted, before Eva Longoria: “Like Trump, Hitler caused chaos and fear”. Then Spike Lee: “He is like the Nazis and Mussolini”. “As Stalin and Hitler”, CNN’s Dana Bash said of the new American president, echoing Joe Scarborough at MSNBC. The New York Times published articles such as that of Peter Baker describing Trump as “part of global fascism”. And on the literary page of the Times, Michiko Kakutani has the book “Hitler: Ascent, 1889-1939,” barely veiling some allusions to Trump.

The Washington Post has published at least twelve articles on the Nazi Trump: Danielle Allen (“I spent my life wondering how did Hitler come to power in Germany and, looking at the rise of Trump, now I understand”), Robert Kagan (“Fascism comes to America”), Peter Ross Range (“The Many of those who shouted “Hitler” at Trump had promised that they would leave the US in case of Trump’s victory...
political theory that Trump shares with Hitler”) and Richard Cohen are a selection.

The Holocaust historian Deborah Lipstadt joined the chorus: “Some people didn’t approve of Hitler’s anti-Semitism, but they went along with it because he was going to make Germany great again”. NBC has published an article entitled: “The plan of Trump for Muslims is similar to that of Nazi Germany”. At the New Yorker, the excellent Adam Gopnik wrote: “He’s not Hitler, as his wife recently said? Well, of course he isn’t. But then Hitler wasn’t Hitler—until he was”. Writing at the New York Review of Books, the great historian of the Holocaust, Timothy Snyder, also wrote: “So far Trump can only verbally abuse his opponents at rallies, while Putin’s opponents are murdered”. So far ...

Even venture capitalists in Silicon Valley, such as Sam Altman and the CEO of Hewlett Packard, Meg Whitman, compared Trump to Hitler. The reductio ad hitlerum continued in campus newspapers such as The Collegian, organ of the California State University students, who put Trump on the cover along with “Sieg Heil”. Newsweek even went to interview the stepsister of Anne Frank, Eva Schloss: “Trump is like Hitler”. Writers such as Stephen King, Junot Diaz and Dave Eggers appealed to the people: “The history of dictatorships is the history of manipulations and divisions, demagoguery and lies”.

Many of those who shouted “Hitler” at Trump had promised that they would leave the US in case of Trump’s victory. That includes Whoopi Goldberg (“it’s time to go”), Samuel L. Jackson (“I will move my black ass to South Africa”) and Lena Dunham (“I know a nice place in Vancouver and I can work from there”). They should hurry, because Trump’s Schutzstaffeln will soon be unleashed on the the Upper West Side.