Dutch Muslims curse Peres and what they really mean
Dutch Muslims curse Peres and what they really mean

A great number of problems are created by parts of the Muslim communities in Western countries. Many Westerners try to minimize this situation, often out of a dishonest political correctness. They consider that Muslims are weak and even victims of society. Therefore one should be more tolerant with them than with others. The whitewashers falsely claim that the difficulties associated with this part of the Muslim community is connected only to a small group of fanatics who have very different attitudes and behaviors from the huge majority of mainstream Muslims.

In actual fact, the problems caused by and the hatred emanating out of parts of Western Muslim communities go far beyond the fanatics. While this also leads to many challenges for society in general, Jews and Israel are particular targets. One recent example, the expressions of hatred on the occasion of the death of Shimon Peres, again illustrates that we are not talking about a marginal phenomenon.

The following example, though small, is very revealing. The Dutch site “Trots op Islam” (Proud of Islam) reports 10,000 followers and claims it is the largest Islam-promoting site of the Netherlands and Dutch speaking Belgians.[1] The site explains in detail how to live as a religious Muslim. When Peres died on the September 28th, Trots op Islam carried a news item about his death. This led to almost one hundred talkbacks of which a substantial percentage contained extreme hate speech. One could still view these talkbacks on this religious site more than a week later.[2]

As it is not our habit to fill articles with hate statements, here are only a few examples of these abhorrent talkbacks: “A pity he died, he should first have lain in coma for 8 years”; “One dog less, now the other garbage Netanyahu should follow him, that would be even better”; “What a pity, as far as I am concerned he should have suffered more!, but good enough, a piece of fire wood goes to hell; “Hamdullah, how glad we are that this dirty pig has died” and “Super-great news, Hamdullah, now the rest of the Zionists should follow.”

Another common dubious statement of whitewashers is that Muslim hate speech comes mainly from males. Among the authors of these talkbacks Muslim women have at least an equal share.

The above hate mongering among religious Muslims is just one of many highly problematic Muslim-related phenomena in the Netherlands. When a Dutch non-practicing Muslim, Yasmina Haifi, tweeted that Israel was behind ISIS, she was suspended from the main Dutch counter-terrorist body NCTV. In reaction, more than 11,000 people joined the Facebook site, “We are behind Yasmina Haifi.”[3]

There are several other highly problematic issues with the Muslim community, once again with the Netherlands as an example. In September 2014 it became clear, rather suddenly, that Islamo-Nazism there has become substantial. Rob Bertholee, head of AIVD – the Dutch general intelligence service – said in an interview that the Dutch jihadi movement has hundreds of adherents, while the number of sympathizers in the Netherlands of violent jihad is in the thousands.[4] In July 2014, dozens of Islamic State supporters held a demonstration in The Hague. On other occasions ISIS and Hamas flags were displayed at anti-Israeli demonstrations. Until then, however, the official story had been that there were 130 jihadis who had left the Netherlands, 30 had returned from the Middle East and about 15 had been killed.[5]

In the Netherlands another new development has taken place. There is now  a new minorities’ party, which in fact is largely Muslim.
In the Netherlands another new development has taken place. There is now  a new minorities’ party, which in fact is largely Muslim. This party, Denk, is headed by a Turkish-born parliamentarian, Tunahan Kuzu, who was the focus of some publicity in Israel because he refused to shake hands with Prime Minister Netanyahu during his recent visit.[6] Kuzu and another Turkish-born parliamentarian Selçuk Öztürk were expelled from the Labor Party in 2014, on whose ticket they had been elected in 2012, because they did not share the opinion of the party about integration of foreigners. Denk has since repeated that foreigners do not have to integrate.[7]

People often ask me how important is the Netherlands and why choose examples from there? The numbers do not seem to warrant this. The population of the Netherlands is less than four percent of the EU’s total. Its GDP represents less than 6 percent of the EU’s GDP. The Netherlands’ military is sometimes a subject of ridicule. Because of lack of ammunition training infantry soldiers have had to shout “pang pang” instead of shooting.[8] Recently, a leading general announced that the Dutch Air Force may not be able to replace Belgium in Iraq next July because its planes need maintenance and lack smart ammunition.[9]

What makes The Netherlands important, however, is its pioneering role in issues concerning civil rights. The Netherlands was in the forefront of legislation allowing abortions and later also euthanasia. A recent proposal, already passed in the lower House of Parliament, allows the state to use body parts of dead people for organ implants, unless these people have declared before that they object.[10] This means that while people have control over their body during life, after their death control may pass to the state without their express consent.

Many of the Muslims who came to The Netherlands are from countries where anti-Semitic opinions are held by the great majority of the population. Morocco is supposedly one of the more progressive Muslim countries. A major study by the Anti-Defamation League found that 80% of its adult population believe classic anti-Semitic concepts.[11] The other Muslim country from which large numbers of Dutch Muslims originate is Turkey. There the same study found that 69% of adults hold anti-Semitic opinions. [12]

If there were an organization which systematically analyzes attitudes of Muslims in Western society, one would have many more statistics about problems originating in these communities.[13] Many politically correct parties will however do their utmost to make sure that the truth does not become known.


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