Europe's death rattle: Child euthanasia
Europe's death rattle: Child euthanasia

The child euthanasia program in Nazi Germany, led by Dr. Karl Brandt, was not conducted in the camps of Auschwitz and Treblinka, but in the hospitals. Euthanasia for children reappears 70 years later, for the same reasons and in a country sharing a border with Germany: Belgium.

Seventy years ago, it was only thanks the complaints of a bishop, August von Galen, that the Germans knew about the annihilation of children, sick and handicapped. Today in Europe infant euthanasia is performed with the applause of all. When Belgium was discussing this horrendous law two years ago, on the front page of the daily newspaper Morgen, 16 pediatricians launched a appeal: “Euthanasie voor kinderen. Nu”. That means "Child euthanasia, now." 

By secularizing society, the Western world has slipped into the deification of man that leads towards dehumanization.
Dr. Brandt justified himself by evoking the suffering of his little victims at the Nuremberg Trials at the end of WWII: “I wanted to shorten the tormented existence of those unhappy creatures”, Brandt said. Today, in Belgium, Karl Brandt, instead of hanging on the top of the gallows, would be in charge of a medical committee for child care.

Child euthanasia, along with the family planning which only plans infertility, the laboratory of neo-Malthusianism and the “experts” of demography who conceal the truth to the public, is a symbol of Europe’s biggest malaise: the culture of death and nothing under which the continent is rattling.

One Belgian Paralympian says she is considering euthanasia after competing in Rio’s Paralympic Games. Marieke Vervoort, 37, has a degenerative muscle disease that wracks her body with pain. Despite this, Vervoort is one of the world’s top wheelchair athletes, claiming gold in the 100M sprint and silver in the 200M four years ago at the London Paralympics. How is it possible that a European country, such as Belgium, which gave the world some of the finest culture humanity has ever known, today has ambassadors for euthanasia?

Today, all of Western civilization is threatened by thanatocracy, a cult of death of which acceptance of Islamism is only one aspect. Our society also contains morbid lethal tendencies, a form of soft death.

By secularizing society, the Western world has slipped into the deification of man that leads towards dehumanization. In other words, we are dealing with a double war against Western civilization: a violent war, Islamism, and an euthanazic war, dehumanization.

The contemporary fanaticism of transparency, the fullness of light, is killing the obscure. We must resist the thanatocracy by supporting two pillars: the defense of political values ​​derived from the Enlightenment and the Judeo-Christian affirmation of the sacredness of life.