Hillary’s “deplorable” Americans – you talkin’ to me?
Hillary’s “deplorable” Americans – you talkin’ to me?

If you missed me at Barbra Streisand’s NY soiree to raise money for Hillary Clinton, well, I wasn’t invited. I never am. For this one especially I was snubbed because I happen to be among the “basket of deplorables” that Hillary mentioned when it was her turn to speak to a roomful of progressive sharpies.

I am not rich. I am not famous. No luck. No chance.

I am guessing that you were also skipped over since, according to Hillary, half of Trump’s supporters are deplorable – and that amounts to millions of us across the country that don’t sing for a living, as Streisand does. She sang, “Send in the Clowns,” which was meant to be a gag on Trump and a dig on you and me.

They laughed and a good time was had by all.

We can’t be sure about these [Syrian migrant] people bringing with them the disease of ISIS, but the disease of anti-Semitism, that’s for sure.
A couple of days later Hillary fainted and had to be dragged into her limo.

Since then she’s been recovering. But the rest of the country has still not recovered from her accusation that we, the common folk, the deplorables, are racist, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic and Islamophobic. That’s me all right. I will tell you why in a minute after I remind y’all that the attendees were the high and the mighty and to borrow a term, deplorably Liberal. 

This means that they are ever mindful of being superior. Only they wear designer jeans and fly in and out by gas-guzzling private jet.

That must have been some price of admission to hear Hillary speak and Babs sing. The event was staged for moneybags only, not for the off-the-rack set.

Yes, finally, Greed is Good – if you are a Liberal. For Conservatives, wealth is forbidden.

Since I wasn’t there, I can’t say what the ladies were wearing, but I assume it wasn’t the burka, or the burkini that’s been making the headlines.

So here’s a headline that turns people like me into all of the above, islamophobic and all the rest – Obama is bringing in more than 100,000 refugees from Syria. Recall that for about a year the talk was about 10,000 and people thought that was too much.

We do not know what else he has in store now that his time in the White House is running out, but bringing in 100,000 new Democrats appears to be his next trick. Even members of his own administration admit that those multitudes may be stacked with ISIS.

That does not seem to trouble Liberals. As one of them said on CNN, “It’s all about winning and whatever it takes to win.”

Also, whatever it takes to change our culture from Judeo-Christian to something resembling Merkel’s Germany.

So we could be talking about a million more migrants from New York to LA by the time Obama leaves office, ready, set, go for Hillary.

We can’t be sure about these people bringing with them the disease of ISIS, but the disease of anti-Semitism, that’s for sure. This means that the BDS storm troopers bullying Jewish kids on campus will be joined by reinforcements. There is so doubt about this at all.

Now Barbra -- have you ever heard her sing Avinu Malkeinu? Even Hatikvah? Beautiful. Such naches.

Well that was before that particular synagogue, where the people kvelled, was turned into a mosque.

At this rate, like it or not, Streisand will start singing a different tune. Does she know the lyrics for Allahu Akbar? 

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