Europeans amuse themselves to death. Again
Europeans amuse themselves to death. Again

Apostle of anti-Christian secular humanism, Parisian seducer and idol of the television screen, professor at the Sorbonne University and bestselling author, architect of the reform of the French school under Jack Lang and minister of Education with the Raffarin government when France banned cross, kippah and veil, Luc Ferry has just published a new book entitled “La Révolution transhumaniste” (Plon).

The book provides a perfect insight on why Europe’s intellectuals, despite all their sycophancy, are doomed and radical Islam will have an easy path ahead to conquer them and gain their submission.

If not for Winston Churchill we would all speak German today.
Luc Ferry praises the man of the future who will have a quasi-divine power over his own biological nature. He provides a Faustian program: lengthening our lives, improving our abilities and choosing the characteristics of our children by removing the genetic lottery. Luc Ferry endorses “the egalitarian eugenics” of Hitlerist memory and he quotes the pre-birth elimination of 97 percent of children with Down's Syndrome. “Who can oppose this seriously?”, asks Ferry, who justifies abortion of the disabled as a form of welfare.

Humanity in the West is aging, so let’s use the cloning technique, but also drugs such as Prozac, Ritalin and Viagra. The transhumanists praised by Ferry receive funding from Google, they have also a candidate (unlikely) in the US presidential elections (Zoltan Istvan) and boast professorships in many Western universities. “We have increased life expectancy, but no one has ever lived 200 years”, explains Ferry. “The transhumanist project in this sense is in the wake of great movements of democracies which switch from heteronomy to autonomy, from destiny to free will.”

Luc Ferry is not worried by the Islamist challenge to democracy: “Our time is marked by the third industrial revolution, by technology, not by ISIS”. In the face of the current demographic and religious decline and the rise of global Sharia (which enlists Down's Syndrome children as suicide bombers), Europe will be saved by the Pokemon and by Mr. Ferry’s superman manipulated in the laboratory.

When Nazism was preparing its war against democracy, Judaism and Western values, German intellectuals were amusing themselves in the thriving Berlin subculture. In the UK, the propensity of the British intellectuals to amuse themselves was renowned. If not for Winston Churchill we would all speak German today.

French intellectuals such as Luc Ferry are once again amusing themselves to death, while radical Islam promises to destroy their country and civilization. Let’s have fun, these are the last days of sunshine.