How to face some of the realities of today?
How to face some of the realities of today?
Due to the extensive international subversion and the increase in the threats and the occurrence of terrorism in the world, people are getting more aware and more interested in identifying the problems and finding corrective measures to secure a better tomorrow for all, at least in the free countries. Unfortunately, most people remain silent due to the lack of reliable knowledge and due to the fact that they do not know what can be done to change the course of these events.

Examining the international trends, it is obvious that every peace loving individual from ALL walks of life, will become a target, should the villains prevail.

There is a surge in Radical Islam which is directed against all Infidel, should they be Christians,Jews and even  Moderate Muslims. Therefore identifying some key topics related to Israel and to the free world, will help us recognize disinformation and malicious attempts to influence the oblivious, and to provide some important directives for eventual venues of effective preventive and corrective actions.
The following are some of the important topics that should be addressed in order to educate the dangerously ignorant population at large.
1. Whatever bad happens to the Jews, never ends with the Jews. Should the villains prevail, ALL free people from ALL religions will suffer the consequences.
2.  Jews are indigenous in the Land of Israel. 
3. Jewish presence in the land of Israel is legal and it is in accordance with international law.
4. Israel is not a foreign occupier of Arab Land.
5. The conflict in the Middle East has very little to do with Jews living in so called "Arab Land",  "Disputed Land" or "the Jewish Ancestral Homeland", but it has everything to do with a world wide anti-infidel agenda. 
The idea of creating a world wide Caliphate is floating frequently.
‪Some irresponsible Muslim Leaders Declare Aim at World Domination. Rome, London, Spain, Paris, America, etc. are some of the spelled out targets.
6.  Some Muslims countries practice apartheid - For example: Saudi Arabia is currently implementing, special path for infidels, no advancement of Christians to top leadership positions, no permits to build churches or synagogues, no permits to carry or share religious literature. 
7.  The Dhimmi status of the Infidel under Muslim control is a long standing tradition.
8.  Female Genital Mutilation under Sharia law, is being practiced world wide. 
9.  The status of the females under Muslim rule is oppressive.
10.  Freedom of speech is under continuous assault in some Muslim countries.
11. Killing of LGBT individuals and Honor killing of females, are practiced under Muslim rule in many countries. 
12. Arab Palestinian leaders refuse to recognize the state of Israel or negotiate a real peace, as they try to protect their own thievery and corrupt position of power.  
13. Ordinary Arab Palestinians and oblivious international advocates are cruelly exploited by corrupt Arab leader, as willing foolish political instruments. 
14. The UN financial support to the Arab Palestinians, greatly exceeded the support to any other group of refugees in the world, with terrible consequences to the Arab Palestinian refugees.
15. Only Arab Palestinian Refugees can give over a refugee status to their children and grandchildren, even if they live well in any country in the world. 
16. Arab Palestinian leaders maliciously refused to rebuild Arab Palestinian refugee camps, as they preferred to control them, incite them and keep them angry, only to exploit them.
UN GA Resolution 2792 (1971) and 41/69 (1986)
17. Arab Palestinians are distorting current and historical facts, in order to facilitate vicious incitement and terror, and to generate international sympathy. 
18. HAMAS and Hizbollah are puppets of malicious Radical Muslims, who have an agenda to control the entire free world.
19. The only true democracy in the Middle East is the state of Israel but it is unfairly and frequently being blamed by the UN and other international entities.   
20. Calling Israel an apartheid state is doing injustice to the South African victims of the real apartheid.   
Now that you are more knowledgeable than the majority of the citizens of our world, you will be able to take a corrective action to protect and improve our world. So what can be done to stand up against the self serving wicked manipulators of the population at large?
1.  Getting well educated with the facts will help you identify malicious propaganda and manipulation of information.
2.  Learning the facts will protect yourself and others from vicious manipulation. It was proven already in the past that "repeating big lies many times, will make them believable".  
3.  Encourage others to become educated ambassadors for a good cause.
4.  Get involved in policy making positions. For example: Run for: political office, journal editorial boards, educational boards, text book review boards, school boards, etc.
5.  Check backgrounds of all those who come to speak in schools, universities, community centers, etc.
6. Check backgrounds of any potential school teachers and university professors.
7.  Should you become aware of malicious intent and/or actions of the villains, call the relevant authorities or law enforcement agencies, that will be able to deal with the situation.
8.  Should the abuse cause damage to innocent citizens, identify the perpetrators and proceed with legal action to make them pay for the damages that they have caused. There are multiple responsible legal agencies that will handle these cases pro bono or on a contingency fee bases. For example:
9.  Make sure to recommend to, and demand from, the relevant authorities to withhold any public funding from malicious individuals and organizations. 
10.  Check what your children are being taught in school or at the university. You may find things that you do not like. If this will be the case, do something about it. For example: Complain to the directors, principles and trustees of the institutions. Notify the financial supporters and the donors of these institutions to make sure that they will communicate their displeasure about the inappropriate events, to the decision makers of the institutions.
11. Write letters to the editors and/or to any other media outlet, to convey your displeasure with malicious distortion of the facts.
12.  Involve specialized media watch organizations with your discovery, as they may be able to amplify your message. For example:  etc.
13.  Support responsible individuals who are running for office and expose bad people for what they are.
14.  Support legislation that may stop the villains from exploiting our freedom, to the benefit of their own wicked agenda.
15. Do not allow the aggressive villains to shut you down. Find peaceful ways to make your voice heard laud and clear. 
Remember, for evil to prevail good people need to do nothing!!