A tale of submission
A tale of submission

Not much is ever said about the plight of Jewish refugees who in the wake of the independence of the Jewish state had to leave Muslim countries in which they had lived for several centuries. In fact, most used to dwell these lands before the conquering army of Islam reached them. And the Palestinian victimhood narrative has left little to no room for the truth about the dreadful conditions in which these Jewish refugees had to flee their countries, properties, and belongings behind to be told. Somewhere between 800,000 and a million Jews fled the millennia-old, Koran-prescribed Islamic Jew-hatred, often finding refuge in Europe, North America or finally at home in Israel.

The fact of the matter is that this was nothing unknown to the history of the Jewish people. Regardless of where and when, discrimination, persecution, land appropriation, violence, etc., have never been shy to expose their ugly faces to the Jewish people, solely based on their Jewishness. Christians, Muslims, pagans, and atheists have all had their share of genocidal violence addressed towards the Jews. But the distinction between Christian and Muslim antisemitism, for instance, is one worth considering. Whereas the very founder and the scripture of Christianity never condone any violence towards anyone, a way of life enshrined in the life of Jesus himself in accordance with the Christian literature that Christians believe to be authentic, the very founder and the founding scriptures of Islam are filled with vile hatred of Jews, Christians, and infidels.

Moreover, Muhammed’s life, as recorded in the very Islamic literature that all Muslims even the so-called moderates consider as authentic, attests to how deeply rooted, and what a fundamental part of Islam this doctrine of genocidal Jew-hatred is. And no, the beloved “moderate Muslims” of the pioneers of multiculturalism and unconditional tolerance can not change this fact either. The acts of the people who adhere to an ideology do not alter the nature of the ideology. Wilm Hosenfeld who during the Holocaust, saved the life of the renowned Jewish-Polish pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman, was a Nazi, but today also a Righteous Among the Nations. His noble, epic and heroic act of saving a Jewish soul despite his position did not change the nature of the ideology he was knowingly or unknowingly serving. Muslims, the “moderate” ones who are not killing infidels and raping Western women just yet, not only can not change the life of the founder and the content of their founding scripture, but they do not want it either. And the very few who do desire such “reformation” are silenced by the fear of, well, their fellow Muslims.

What sad news for those infatuated with the myth of moderate Islam! These Islamophile Social Justice Warriors are forcing all of us into collective suicide and have the blood of numerous innocent victims on their hands. Coexistence with Muslims kills. Just take a look at the map of the world and see what is happening.

That being said, the nature of human being remains, well, at times quite childish. Once having fled persecution and genocide, people tend to react differently. You have those cherishing the freedom they have gained in the lands which have welcomed them. They do everything in their power to maintain the conditions that grant them with this liberty and fight hard against its enemies. This behavior is simply called conservatism, meaning the conservation of those values and conditions that have bestowed greater freedom, prosperity and a better quality of life upon them. And then you have those who very quickly, in one or two generations or even less, forget everything and eventually acquit the people whom they fled of all charges. Not only do they take their freedoms and their very physical security in their new countries for granted, but they also don't hesitate to do everything they can to make them look like those very countries they or their forefathers fled either.

The books of history are rife with diehard socialists who fled Europe and the Soviet Union because they were Jewish, only to come to the West to continue not only not believing in G-d or practicing Judaism, but to actively militate in favor of socialism thereby bringing about the very conditions under which they were persecuted, and obliged to flee. You can call it more or less accurately Stockholm or Battered Woman Syndrome. Its name does not matter. The consequences do, as due to very dysfunctional democratic systems that we have in the West, about which I have written in my previous article, such people compromise everybody else’s security, welfare and freedom.

With the rise of globalization, however, things seem not only globalized, but they also appear to have attained their extremes. One should celebrate the achievements of globalization in many domains such as medicine, science, communication and even art. But also evil seems to have reached its extremity in this century. And last but not least, stupidity is not an exception to this phenomenon either. As millions of young and fit Muslim men march through the no more existent gates of Europe, coming here to vandalize, to riot, to rape, to decapitate priests, to commit mass murder and occasionally act as crybabies as soon as one of the endless demands of their “religion of peace” is not met by our willingly submissive politicians, in a dialog of free speech and the exchange of free ideas, one could respect that some fellow citizens would advocate the admission of these so-called refugees, even though they look more like a victoriously conquering army than war-refugees.

Without a difference of ideas and the free expression thereof, democracy is meaningless. Those who do not want any more “refugees”, given that not only our economy and our fragile dysfunctional welfare states can not afford it, or simply because Europe is on the verge of an ethnic and religious civil war with more than enough Muslims for no one - especially Jews - to feel safe anywhere anymore, are however systematically branded as bigots, threatened by leftist Social Justice Warriors, taken to the court by the thought police in the media and different Muslim or even some leftist Jewish associations who otherwise when bored join the choir of critics of Israel of whom there is no shortage in Europe. These European citizens concerned for the safety and security of themselves, their children and loved ones, who conclude facts based on what they witness with their own eyes, could simply as well lose their friends and more importantly their jobs, not to mention receiving death threats on social media due to their allegedly racist views should do they want Europe to remain European.

At the same time the fact that Islam is not a race, which translates into Islamophobes’ not being any more racist than Naziphobes or Communistophobes were, does not interest the left, the judicial system run by the latter or the mainstream media, needless to say.

Stupidity reaches its peak, however, as one watches a spectacle of submission performed by Jews having fled Muslim lands advocating the admission of a vast number of Muslim “refugees”. Large numbers? Yes, large enough for you not to recognize your city over a week or even overnight. If you find it so hard to believe, just ask the citizens of Cologne or Munich.

I was determined to narrate three tales of submission, of Jewish people whom I personally know, born in Muslim countries and now living in the West, today advocating the admission of these so-called Muslim refugees with whom they happen to empathize. Defamation, libel, and hate speech laws are so restrictive in France and more generally in the European Union that one can simply not express the facts he decides to cite with as much objectivity as possible, put aside his personal yet legitimate opinion. For this very reason did I have to omit these unfortunate tales of submission. We have unmistakably reached a point in our civilizations at which our legitimate thoughts and questions could be penalized. Issues such as:

Who are the Muslim refugees fleeing anyway? They are fleeing Muslims.

Muslims flee Muslims in a strictly religious war such as the one in Iraq and Syria, um, then why should they be considered refugees? Well, no one knows.

Don’t they all believe and practice the same Islam? Yes, they do. There is no documented version of Islam in which Muhammed was not a jihadi warlord, a pedophile and an advocate of slavery. A moderate version of Koran calling for peace and love without contradicting itself has never been found either.

We know that when one speaks of these “refugees,” one is clearly not referring to the genuinely endangered Christian communities of the Middle East.
Why did Jews of Muslim countries, including many Algerian, Moroccan, Persian and Syrian Jews flee their countries? Because Muslims were threatening them, putting their houses on fire, confiscating their properties whereas second-class citizenship had been practiced for centuries anyway, officially or de facto.

Whom were they fleeing? Muslims.

And whom some of them today advocate bringing in astronomical proportions? Muslims.

Then why did the flee them? That’s a real question. Please let me know if you find out.

The presence of these “refugees”, poses a severe security threat to the lives of anyone, anywhere at any time as we have seen in the history, beginning with the very jihadi wars led by Muhammed himself, passing through the Iranian revolution of 1979, September 11, 2001, up to this day. The threat the mere presence of Islam causes should be the primary concern of anyone, of any ethnic, national or religious background in the West, and that of Jews - the primary targets of the Muhammedan cult - in particular. My concentrating on Jewish people from Muslim countries in this article does not mean that others should take this issue any less seriously. One just expects the aforementioned people to have a more realistic approach to this question in the light of the second-class status of their forefathers and the conditions under which they were expelled or forced to flee.

Just as a reminder, we know that when one speaks of these “refugees,” one is clearly not referring to the genuinely endangered Christian communities of the Middle East. And why and how do we know that? As per to the official statistics and percentages which show that Christians are underrepresented in this flow of refugees simply because their lives are equally in danger once they travel with Muslims. They are as well threatened and harassed once they reach refugees camps in the West by the very Muslims whom they were fleeing, according to many official sources, in addition to individual testimonies. Furthermore, we are importing war into our countries. A civil war that seems entirely possible if not probable, even if the current population of Muslims in the West had remained stable. But not only are Western governments not prioritizing Christian refugees but they indiscriminately admit Sunnis and Shiites who are beheading and butchering each other in the Middle East.

However, as indifferent to reality as it is, the leftist liberal Jewish-in-name-only world of a bubble of gold and marble will finally - at least temporarily - remain immune to the massive arrival of “migrants” from some very primitive cultures because even in rare cases these “refugees” show any desire to get off social benefits and learn the language and start working, they won’t threaten the jobs and the neighborhoods of people mentioned above. Neither do they threaten the jobs of our media elite, the New York-London-Los Angeles liberal millionaires, billionaires, and our politicians. They however do threaten the jobs, the neighborhoods and the lives of the people ruled by them, especially the working middle class majorities in the West, whose quality of life deteriorates incessantly also partially due to the very arrival of these “refugees” who weigh drastically on our socialistic redistributive economies without contributing anything to it, at least not in economic terms. Otherwise of course in terms of rape, pedophilia, jihad, antisemitism and mass murder their contributions are quite noteworthy.

Many of these liberal, hard-core left-wing Jews are also only Jews when it serves their leftist multiculturalist Islamophile agenda. They are Jews only when they want to criticize Israel, often seeking acceptance by using their “Jewishness” in an environment where career antisemites yearn to find some self-hating Jews they agree with, so they could play the “not antisemitic, just anti-Zionist” card. We all have heard and seen those people, haven’t we? They are Jews - and legitimately so - only when they speak of being persecuted and being a refugee. But no so much when it comes to the defense of the Jewish people in their homeland and the diaspora. And their silence is deafening when it comes to the very security of the Jewish community directly menaced by Muslim presence.

This is all as simply as a mathematical formula. If you bring the people you were fleeing from into your new country, you will be threatened again. If you admit all refugees with no religious distinction, you will bring the exact same war being fought in the Middle East into your soil. On philosophical and legal levels it is very hard - if not impossible - to justify the status of Muslims as refugees, especially that Western authorities are determined to accept them all, Alawite, Shiite, Sunni, who all happen to seek refuge from each other, thus rendering the meaning asylum void of any rational meaning, at least on a legal and philosophical level. We are importing war on our soils.

This is not just speculation and hypothesis. Even not considering the events of the past few months in Europe, the latter has been a laboratory of failed and very dangerous coexistence for decades. Just see how directly the number of Muslims present in a country puts Jewish lives in danger. Which European country has sadly welcomed the largest Muslim population on its soil? France. Which European country has sacrificed the most significant number of Jewish victims of jihad, targeted simply because of their Jewishness? You guessed it. France.

Yesterday the targets were Jewish. No one cared. That included many Jews, especially the types who take their hard-earned freedoms for granted.

Freedom is not free, and one expects the Jews of Muslim countries to cherish their hard earned and well-deserved freedom dearly, be it in Israel or elsewhere.
Today the target is anyone and every day. Today, and not tomorrow, must we act. "They", that is the policy makers, media elite, university professors, leftist loonies, multiculturalists and the pioneers of unconditional tolerance towards to the most intolerant of peoples, tell us that hatred is not good. Hatred is not good. But the hatred of evil - in all logic - is noble and necessary. No one is advocating unjust and unfair judgment of individuals. But despite decades of moral relativism, the sad news is that if not always, right and wrong, good and evil do exist and that now more than ever some well-thought, well-informed judgment is needed. If judging is so wrong, then one must question the sanity of many people attending law school, commencing a laborious career in order to serve as judges and magistrates?

The judgment of individuals for things such as their skin color or height which they can not change is morally wrong, unproductive, dumb and imbecilic. Judging people for their ideologies is a necessary step, sometimes the very same step that many took in order to defeat Communism and the Nazi war machine. It is also the very same step every scientist takes in order to question all known and unknown so far, so he could take it further. This is how we discovered that the Earth is not flat.

As I have mentioned in my previous articles, as unnecessary as it seems, it is also a step that many Jews, Christians, atheists and peoples of other faiths take to treat Judaism and Christianity as a science, without anyone receiving any death threats or being taken to the court. Today it is Islam’s turn. Freedom is not free, and one expects the Jews of Muslim countries to cherish their hard earned and well-deserved freedom dearly, be it in Israel or elsewhere. Our civilization, our way of life and our very lives being threatened by Islam’s mere presence, we must prohibit its propagation and existence in our societies at all costs, in the same way we would treat a health crisis in case of a mortal epidemic, or the flow of millions of soldiers serving Adolf Hitler or Mao Zedong posing as “refugees”. Or else, shall we face extermination, and our Judeo-Christian civilization will go extinct, because the pioneers of multiculturalism and the pseudo-philosophers of the myth of moderate Islam forced us into coexistence with a people whose murderous ideology we were afraid to defeat in fear of being branded intolerant or worse, racist, even though as evident as it seems to anyone with a pair of eyes,

Islam is not a race, and that Muslims could choose not to believe in it, in a way they could not change their skin color or their ethnicity which no wise man expects them to do in any case.