Who let Black Lives Matter protestors into Israel?
Who let Black Lives Matter protestors into Israel?

The latest news is that members of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement in the US are now in B’ilin in the "West Bank" to riot along with the Arabs there “in solidarity.” Black Lives Matter started in the St. Louis area in the United States, specifically in the city of Ferguson.  Anna Baltzer, the mouthpiece for the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation lives and is based in St. Louis, a short drive from Ferguson. Baltzer, who admits her Jewish mother never raised her to be Jewish admits she knows nothing about the religion and makes her living being the “Jew” who wants the Palestinians to win against the “Zionists”.

In Canada on radio she once shouted, “Inshallah, one day we will bring down Zionism!” Israel’s security service allowed her in - not that long ago -possibly because they believe Jews are smart and can absorb any subversives in the country. Anna is a national leader of the International Solidarity Movement in the USA working right alongside Huwaida Arraf. The ISM’s goal as part of the BDS movement is to fool those stupid Americans that Israel is just like 1980’s South Africa (after all, BDS against Africa did work).

An ISM operative in the USA named Jeff PIckert, an ISM operative, alias Max Suchan, was in place at the Ferguson riots in the USA after a black youth was killed by a Ferguson police officer when the youth (6’ 4” and 280 pounds of him) attacked the officer and tried to get the officer’s gun. Suchan/PIckert was involved in the Flotillas to Gaza also and I once got him arrested and deported from the "West Bank" for being a security threat to Israel. He is a member of the National Lawyers Guild, a communist front group started by Stalin.

The resulting riots in Ferguson that were in part organized by Suchan/Pickert and other ISM acolytes was when the Black Lives Matter movement first began showing up and gaining legs. Now they have appeared at the Democratic Party convention and are funded by George Soros, who, it is claimed, took possession of Jewish property as booty before those Jews were dispatched to the ovens. Soros is  now a billionaire who spreads the wealth around to all manner of anti-Semitic anarchist and radical groups. 

Israelis do not realize just how much these goings on in America threaten the existence of the Jewish state - as they are meant to do. The BLM activists in B’ilin right now will make films and “witness” baloney about Jews persecuting Arabs in “apartheid” Israel which they will take to black neighborhoods across America and try to stimulate hate against Jews by the American black community.

Marc Lamont Hill is a pseudo-academic professor of “African Studies” at Morehouse College in Georgia. His academic position has gotten him onto television, CNN, Fox and other major news shows. Last year, Hill was in Nazareth and brought some ISMers in tow with him to demonstrate in support of Hamas that can be seen on You Tube. You could say that was the reconnaissance  mission for BLM to send their rioters to the "West Bank", particularly B’ilin to start the campaign to get American blacks and their allies  to hate Israel, and demonstrate against a Jewish state.

Reporters in the US who don’t know when they are lied too give this charlatan enormous coverage to lie about Israel . This is already paying off as the Democratic convention last week had a huge PLO flag hoisted in the crowd where no American flags could be seen, and an Israeli flag was burned outside the convention for the world’s media to see.

David Sheen, an Israeli leftist who is also part of the ISM and tours the US trying to suggest Israel is racist against black citizens and  is doing his best to get American black communities against Israel. Sheen wants Israel to stop being a Jewish state and is another nail in the coffin the Arabs want for Israel.

Israeli leadership if they want to allow this, should send every Ethiopian-Israeli soldier to B’ilin to deal with the BLM activists. Bassem Tammimi,  a PFLP and Islamic Jihad operative in B’ilin, who organizes these propaganda fests every week, even using his children to set up IDF soldiers and border police for scenes where they can claim Israelis abuse Arab children, was recently in the US at UC Berkeley, home to the pseudo-academic Hatem Bazian, the founder of the Students for Justice in Palestine and the Hamas front American Muslims for Palestine.

Tammmi appeared in a lecture class where he poured out the Palestinian lies about Israel when a Jewish student burst in the room and told him he had killed a relative of that student at one time back in Israel. Disruptions are usually done by the SJP on campuses, but Tammmi got the room to chant and drown the Jewish student out and ultimately the campus police were called and ejected him.

In that case, the real terrorist was protected by American police officers who haven’t a clue what this is all about. The Shin Bet could have denied him permission to travel to the USA. You can bet Tamimi is also involved with Black Lives Matter as ISM activists scream “From Palestine to Ferguson!”

I spoke to a colleague over in Israel about the Shin Bet throwing these people out. My colleague in typical Israeli fashion gave me a meintze that Israel and no democracy can remove visitors without their having a criminal record. The fact is the Shin Bet has turned back ISM activists who they knew were coming in to go to the "West Bank" and riot. The Foreign Ministry worries that the terrorism supporters will complain to the US State Department and the Tourism Department worries about lost tourist revenue. Meanwhile, the Arabs assault IDF soldiers and harass Jewish communities.

Michael Savage, a conservative radio talk show host in the US was denied admittance to Britain because he was accused of being anti-Muslim and engaging in “islamophobia”, a made up crime promoted by Hatem Bazian. Savage has no criminal record. So western democracies can deny admittance to potential subversives they deem a security risk.

Black Lives Matter is just such a security risk. If anyone in Israel can get me the names of the BLM activists in the "West Bank" today I will find out if they have criminal records  to help the Israeli government deport them. Most of them do. 

If you respect the Magav and other IDF soldiers, I suggest readers try to get me this information by contacting me at [email protected].  You can nip the liars and tricksters in the ISM in the bud that also make up Black Lives Matter by getting the Israeli government to act proactively. This isn’t a matter of simple discussions or politics. It’s a matter of responsible Jews taking action to stop subversives who at best want to assist Hamas and the PFLP, the PLO and Islamic Jihad to kill Jews and bring down a Jewish state.