What FBI’s Comey could not say – but Rashi did
What FBI’s Comey could not say – but Rashi did

Yes, FBI Director James Comey admitted, Hillary Clinton was “careless” and guilty of “mishandling her email servers.”

But she was not guilty enough to be prosecuted.

Guilty, friends, but not guilty enough – that is the crux of it all.

Let’s make a quick dash to Scriptures. About Sodom, we learn that the people were rotten, but not completely. They were sneaky, according to Rashi – but clever enough not to get caught. If, for example, it was against the law to steal 10 apples, they stole 9.

God hates sneaks. Don’t we all? But that’s who is leading us here in America today– people who are sneaky but just clever enough not to get nabbed.

Those are the worst kind.

Comey made a harsh case against Hillary. He found her liable on nearly all counts, but not liable enough to get her charged.

Many heard him speak. Many more will read the transcript. Thousands will debate as to where this leads us.

The system is rigged. So rigged that even the FBI can’t get out from under.
Let’s read between the lines on what Comey could not say, but perhaps wanted to say:

1. Anybody else would have been prosecuted. But for Hillary and the rest of the Clintons, the rules do not apply.

2. I am FBI. That’s big. But the White House is bigger and that’s who’s boss.

3. I tried my best, but nobody has a chance against a system run by corrupt politicians.

3. The system is rigged. So rigged that even the FBI can’t get out from under.

4. Liberals run the show. It’s their world and we are only visiting as their uninvited guests. They can do with us whatever they want.

5. Mr. and Mrs. America. Get used to the idea that the most corrupt politician ever may be your next president.

6. The decision to get Hillary off the hook was cooked up years ago but solidified when Bill met Loretta at the Phoenix airport.

7. There was never a chance that one Democrat would ever tell against another Democrat – even if the fate of the nation hangs in the balance.

8. Don’t even think about justice with that gang giving the orders.

9. I did my job with the sleaziest people breathing down my neck. What did you expect me to say or do?

10. If you vote for Hillary, you know what you are getting. So next time, like this time, don’t come crying to me.

11. Remember, every vote counts, and if you are stupid, it counts against you. Will you ever learn?

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