Morning in Kiryat Arba, night in the world
Morning in Kiryat Arba, night in the world

They love to murder our children in the summer. They love to murder the most vulnerable of us. They would not mind murdering any of us, but our children seem to be preferred, easy prey for those vile barbarians.

Their summer murders are becoming so painfully symbolic for us, and the pain never ceases. Every beginning of July we cry over Naftali, Gilad and Eyal, and from this year, we will cry over beautiful and radiant Halleli, just 13 years old. Our nation loves its children dearly, and the beasts who happened to live in the neighborhood, know that well . 

They have their kick during the Ramadan, haven’t you noticed?.. But they also are helped to get this kick-to-kill each and every Ramadan by the inexplicable lifting of the usual restrictions allowing them to get easily in and out of places from where they are normally barred. The question storms out on one’s head: why is the appeasing of potential terrorists conducted repeatedly, ignoring the reality? Such screaming, such painful, such irreversible reality?

Why this persistent policy of showing good will to animals despite their vile nature? Why is it paid for, year after year, with so many lives of innocent Jewish people? Why don't the security agencies do their job better – profiling the potential terrorists in time and in detail, profiling the choices of the security breaches – which Ramadan certainly is as we learned to know so very painfully, with our children dead?  Why don't the security agencies brief the government with more unpleasant truths, and why are they not insisting on preventing the massacres by The Palestinian thug who murdered our beautiful girl in her sleep had been posting and bragging on his Facebook page. Where were our counterintelligence units?
sometimes not so very popular measures?

Prevention is the main duty of the security agency and its operative units. But we are seeing this as clearly inadequate. The Palestinian thug who murdered our beautiful girl in her sleep had been posting and bragging on his Facebook page. Where were our counterintelligence units? The job of the Israeli security agencies was not good enough in the case of the tragedy in Kiryat Arba – as the work of the emergency service and police was not in the summer of 2014 over the kidnapping and murder of our three boys.

This must not be tolerated. The prevention, with all adequate – and more – measures required to stop Palestinian and other terrorists from killing our children, and the rest of us, must be beefed up very substantially, and must be applied, Ramadan or not, thrice more vigilantly during those feasts-to-kill, as the world sees.

Just days before that chilling murder, we learned about a silver mezuzah stolen by the barbarians who were allowed to come to Makhpelah, the Cave of the Patriarchs, an act of brutal burglary committed on the Cave complex property. They were supposed to come there to pray, said the reasoning for lifting the restriction. Those who are issuing these astonishing permissions must be delirious, or they must be Martians, not the officials whose responsibility is to protect lives in the Jewish state, under all circumstances.    

And then, the appeals to the world to condemn yet another act of terrorism committed in Israel. With all due respect, one can not be serious about it, under the circumstances in which the horrid, chilling murdering of a child in her sleep has become a symbol, an awful picture of a litmus test of the world’s attitude towards Israel and the Jews.

Just a week before the nightmare in Kiryat Arba,  at least 85% of the people occupying the big hall of the European Parliament were on their feet in a standing ovation to the ordinary bandit who happens to head the murderous gangland organization. Moreover, they jumped to their feet, prompted by the Ambassador of international terrorism in Brussels  Mogherini, after hearing an unbelievable blood libel accusing the Israeli rabbis - a modern day murky, vile anti-Semitic attack in the centre of Europe and its power – why not?.

At least 85% of the people occupying the big hall of the European Parliament were on their feet in a standing ovation to the ordinary bandit who happens to head the murderous gangland organization.
It was one of the most shameful acts of the European Union, ever. We all have seen the footage. Everyone who was on his or her feet applauding the terrorist-in-charge has to be regarded as an accomplice to the direct incitement leading to the murder. Every single one of them.

As it is completely useless to appeal to the EU leadership, the official letters shall be written to their correspondent governments with official protesting of their MEPs’ encouragement to incitement that led to the murder. The list of those on their feet will be made, and they will be publicly reprimanded, both inside Israel and internationally, too. And the chief inciter Mogherini shall be banned from entering Israel – as her soul-mate Wallstrom was, with an official protest to the Italian government and Italian president on her siding on with terror throughout her career and her utterly shameful and categorically unacceptable conduct in the po‎sition of the EU foreign policy chief.

We should not implore them to condemn the terror. We should fight for our dignity. It is the only way it can be gained in the world as it is today.

And the government of Israel should be merciless when it comes to the real, not verbal, security of the Israelis. I just cannot imagine how all those who issued all those permits, and all those who practiced unbelievable, completely senseless leniency towards the Arab terrorists recently, can sleep after the pictures of the bloodbath in a girl’s bedroom has become public.   

And please, do not try our patience by lecturing on how many terrorist attacks have been prevented.  Three kidnapped boys, the girl in her sleep, a pregnant woman, a mother fighting like a lioness to save her children, a young soldier on his way home with his family stepping out to buy Cola in a gas station, the Fogels, the Henkins, and now the Marks, all of them, every one of them – the best of our people, the innocent, the promising, the bright, kind and the good.

As for the cursed family of the 17-old "hero of the Palestinian people", his mother bragging on the Palestinian media on the heroism of her son, his sister doing the same – it is just inconceivable that the state of Israel is allowing it all to happen without a more extreme reaction. The arrest of the father is not enough. The entire nation feels Halleli’s blood on her bed-sheets as if it has been spilled on us, literally.

Israel has no moral right to tolerate all the constant murder-inciting hysteria in all the Palestinian media, all the celebrations of their terror attacks on the Palestinian street, all the honors bestowed on their bloody ‘heroes’. To allow it to happen is insane.

And then, we all are so delighted to hear that another anti-Israel propaganda film has been nominated for a prize, this time it is The Settlers, a documentary that the Grand Jury of the Sundance Festival has nominated for their prize recently. The film is such outright anti-Israel propaganda that even Haaretz has criticised it for ‘absence of political balance’.  

There are settlers, the best of our people, and there are the director and producers of the film The Settlers, the scum who are benefiting from lies and zealot-like hatred of believing people loving their Land. Sundance and other festivals are just a nuisance in the bigger picture, but the morning in Kiryat Arba would not be that bloody, that tragic, and that murderous without the world around us which directly supports the ongoing vicious Palestinian terrorism, applauding to it in a standing ovation.

The morning in Kiryat Arba is night for the world.