Roundup the usual suspect, Mahmoud Abbas
Roundup the usual suspect, Mahmoud Abbas

There will be the usual roundups after Wednesday’s bloodshed in Tel Aviv – four dead, more wounded from the hands of Palestinian Arab terrorists.

Two men are said to be responsible for this act of savagery against innocent civilians enjoying a day at the Sarona Market in the heart of town.

This was Israel’s mistake. The mistake was to grant respectability to a group of thugs.
They were captured. They are in custody and Israel’s law enforcement and security services are in the process of finding out who they are, where they came from and who sent them.

Let’s not kid ourselves. Mahmoud Abbas sent them. Whether they do or do not have direct ties to Abbas’s PA (Palestinian Authority), makes no difference. He gave the order.

He gives the orders every day through schoolbooks and cartoons that teach toddlers to hate Jews and through broadcasts that incite Arabs to kill Jews.

Roundup all the suspects, but the stabbings and the shootings will continue until Israel sends a message truly forceful and dramatic.

Arrest Mahmoud Abbas. He’s the head of the snake.

Put him in handcuffs. Make it a public display that Israel means business and will have no more of Islamic terror.

Israel will surely be condemned from the usual sources, but at the same time it will earn the kind of respect it once achieved after the devil-may-care 1976 Entebbe rescue, for which it eventually won applause. Again Israel was condemned in 1981 when its forces bombed to smithereens Baghdad’s nuclear reactor at Osirak.

Later, the world saw the wisdom, and the chutzpah, and the heroism of that action.

The same kind of chutzpah is demanded of Israel today. Abbas must go. He must be shackled and sent to prison – him and his lieutenants, -- for the safety of Israel and as a sign to the world that here is one nation that will tolerate Islamic terror no more.

Reflexively, the nations will jump at the chance to denounce Israel (which it does no matter what) but this time there may also be some cheering.

Nearly every country suffers from Islamic terror. We are all in this together. Let the country free from jihad be the first to complain.

Who is Mahmoud Abbas anyway? He earned his title courtesy of the Oslo Accords, which created he PA.

This was Israel’s mistake. The mistake was to grant respectability to a group of thugs.

This bum, Abbas, was given the rights to a huge slice of Judea and Samaria (the 'West Bank'), which he controls only because Israel provides him the muscle. But he had no muscle when he was given Gaza and Hamas took it from him with barely a fight.

This goon is called President, but remaining in office more than 10 years after his term has expired makes him a President like Al Capone was a President.

His Fatah gangsters are no better than Hamas and ISIS.

The time has come to end this farce that grants him any sort of respect. He is a mobster and it is time to treat him like one.

Responding to the Tel Aviv attack, an emotional Benjamin Netanyahu is quoted as saying, “We will have an answer.”

Cut off the head of the snake, Bibi. That is the answer.

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