The Iran Deal and the 2-State Solution: One 'Big Lie" serves another
The Iran Deal and the 2-State Solution: One 'Big Lie" serves another
Much has been made out of Obama’s National Security flunky Ben Rhodes’ fictional imaginary advocacy for Obama’s Iran Nuclear Bomb deal.  No one should be under any delusion that Rhodes’ Iran Nuclear fictional lies were not approved by Barack Obama.  But no one should think that Ben Rhodes had to work very hard to conjure up the Iranian nuke fabrications that almost all the American Jews and the mainstream media were ready to swallow whole.. 

The reason?  It’s simple. Obama’s Iranian Nuclear Bomb Deal “Big Lies” were ripped straight out of the 2-State Solution “Big Lies” that American Jews and the mainstream media have been swallowing whole for decades.  In fact, the Israeli Left's "Big-Lies" on the Two-State Solution laid the necessary foundation for the success of Obama’s “Iran-Nuke Deal.”

1) “The Iran Deal will empower the Iranian moderates.”  How many time have the Jews been told by the Left that “the 2-State solution will empower the Palestinian moderates,” when in reality, it empowers the Palestinian extremists.  In fact, Hamas took over the Gaza Strip exactly because of the 2-State Solution. 

But, the Israeli and American Jews still buy into the lie that ceding to terror will somehow “moderate the terrorists,” despite the fact that everyone knows rewarding the terrorists because they engaged in terror will only encourage more terrorism.  Rhodes figured correctly that the American Jews will buy the giving Iran Nukes “empower the moderates” line with the Iranians.  And, the American Jews swallowed it whole.  There was barely a peep out of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations.

Did Israel fall apart because Ehud Barak didn’t create a Palestinian State in the 1990’s? 
2) “It’s either we sign the Iran deal now, or it’s war.  It’s now or never.  If we don’t make a deal we’ll be forced into a worse deal later.”  I wish I had a nickel for every Israeli leftist who opined, “If we don’t make a Palestinian "West Bank" State today, it’ll be a war, or another intifada.”  I’d be a very rich man. 

Ask yourself a simple question: Did Israel fall apart because Ehud Barak didn’t create a Palestinian State in the 1990’s?  In fact, had Barak created a PA State in the 90’s there would have been PA rockets into Tel Aviv, and Israel would have fallen apart.  

The Obama people, just like the 2-Staters, had to create a false sense of urgency where there was no urgency, in order to short-circuit any rational analysis of the Iran-Nuke deal.  That’s because any rational look at the Iran-Nuke deal, or the 2-State solution, would expose both of them to be hoaxes and security nightmares for America and Israel respectively.  So, Rhodes adeptly copied the 2-State Solution’s “false urgency”to slip the Iran-Nuke hoax past the all-too-willing American Jews and US Congress.

3) “The Iran Nuke Deal is air-tight secure, and 24/7 verifiable.”  How many Israeli generals strongly advocated for the Rabin 2-State deal and the Sharon Gaza Disengagement and said they were both 100% secure and totally verifiable?  Almost all the Israeli generals are part of the leftist Israeli IDF High command who believe in the 2-State Solution as if it were a religion.

American Leftists buy off some Israeli generals who have nothing else to sell to American Jews when they retire except the 2-Sate Solution, and these Generals create a “think-tank,” and - you’ve got a 2-State-Solution machine.  It doesn’t matter that the 2-State Solution or the Iran deal were security catastrophes and totally unverifiable. 

Rhodes and Obama again figured correctly, if American Jews still believe in the 2-State Solution when the Hamas is firing rockets into Tel Aviv, the same Jews who don’t know the difference between U-235 and U-238, will buy the canard that “the Iran deal is subject to 24/7/365 verification.”  Obama had the measure of the Peace-at-any-price American Jews.

4) “The Iran Nuke deal is “reversible,”” or equivalently, “The Iranian Nuclear sanctions will automatically snap-back if Iran violates the agreement.”  Again, with the 2-State Solution we’re always told, “if anything goes wrong, we can re-invade Gaza or the 'West Bank'.”  Oy, gevalt.  Doesn’t everyone now see this as a total fraud? 

Re-invade Gaza where they have smuggled in thousands of anti-tank weapons because Israel withdrew, and allowed the Arab terrorists to unlimitedly arm themselves?  Obama just used the gullibility of American Jews and said the Iranian sanctions will “automatically snap-back.”  And, the American Jews bought Obama’s Iran-deal fraud. 

How could the American Jews be so stupid to believe that $150 Billion Dollars of funds to Iran would be “snapped-back”?  Where are the Iranian sanctions “snapping-back” now that Iran is supposedly “violating” the deal by firing ballistic missiles? In fact, John Kerry is on a world tour to encourage people to drop the Iranian sanctions despite the Iranian violations, and the imaginary “automatic snap-back sanction.”  

Obama forgot to mention that the Iranian sanctions will, “automatically snap-back” only after Russia and China vote for the “automatic snap-back.”

5) “If you’re against the Iran-Nuke deal, you’re a war-monger and against ‘Peace’.”  This is, once again, an exact copy of the 2-State Solution “Big Lie.”  How many times has the Left attacked any person rationally criticizing the 2-State Solution as a “war-monger” and “against Peace.”  
Obama only used the tried-and-true Orwellian tactic of attacking people who want to preserve peace and security by fraudulently calling them “war-mongers.”  The “Big Lie” tactic has worked for years against the brave rational Jews who have fought against Auschwitz 67-borders.  It worked like a charm for Obama.
6) If all else fails, “Blame Israel for any problems in either coming to an Iran-Nuke “deal,” or for “enforcing” an Iran-Nuke deal.”  Obama has a simple approach when the Palestinian Arabs are waging a terror war on Israel and are refusing to negotiate: Blame Israel first, second, and third.  Whenever there was a problem in the Iran-Nuke talks, or Congress had a problem with it, or Obama needed to make even more suicidal concessions, he would simply blame Israel because the Iran-Nuke deal wasn’t working.  Again, Obama’s use of the 2-State ‘Big Lie’ worked to sell the Iran-Nuke ‘Big Lie.”
The true tragedy of Obama’s Iran-Nuke fraud is far from unfolding.  But the reality is that Obama’s ‘Big Lie’  on the Iran-Nuke Deal, will lead Israel to face Iran’s nuclear “gas-chamber” sooner rather than later.