A week of ordinary French anti-Semitism
A week of ordinary French anti-Semitism

September 1972, Munich’s Olympic Village, “31” block. Some of the Israeli athletes were Holocaust survivors. The Black September Palestinian terrorists took them hostage demanding the release of 234 terrorists in the Israeli jails. But Black September was not there for an exchange or negotiation, what they wanted the killing of Jews, the young representatives of the Israeli people hosted by the nation which once planned the Holocaust. 

The Olympic Village was located a few kilometers from Dachau.

The Cannes Film Festival has now hosted “Munich: A Palestinian Story” by the Lebanese filmmaker of Palestinian origin Narsi Hajjaj. Ilana Romano, widow of Yossef Romano, who was murdered in the massacre, has refused to cooperate with this film because the director insisted on defining as “freedom fighters” the Black September terrorists who killed her husband, while the murdered Israelis are called “representatives of an occupying country”.

A year ago, it emerged that at least one of the athletes, Yossef Romano, was castrated bythe  Palestinian kidnappers in front of his companions. Hajjaj, however, called the massacre not a terrorist act, but an “international incident”. 

Roger Cukierman, president of the Council of Jewish Organizations in France, voiced “anxiety and deep concern” over the viewing in a letter to Cannes Film Festival President Pierre Lescure and French Culture Minister Audrey Azoulay.

Resoundingly ghastly is the fact that the Cannes Festival agreed to host and commercialize this anti-Semitic movie.

But this has been a week of ordinary French anti-Semitism.

France just supported a Unesco resolution denying Jewish ties to the Temple Mount. The UN cultural body’s resolution made mention of “Occupied Palestine” and omitted any mention of historic Jewish ties to Judaism’s most holy site, referring to the flashpoint site only by its Muslim name.

Iran is hosting its second annual Holocaust Cartoon Competition. Along with Iran, which country sent the largest cartoonists’ delegation?
Meanwhile, France is sponsoring a “peace initiative” and forcing it down Israel’s throat.

This week, Iran is hosting its second annual Holocaust Cartoon Competition. Along with Iran, which country sent the largest cartoonists’ delegation? No one else but France, of course, before most of Islamic countries entered the arena.

France, the country from where 47,000 Jews have left for Israel since 2000. In the last three years, from 2013 to 2015, almost 20,000 French Jews immigrated to Israel.

France, the country where Jews have been gunned down in schools and supermarkets.

France, the country where the cry “Death to Israel” resonates in the boulevards as in the suburbs.

What is happening in France shows the same smirk of complacency and abandonment that they so calmly exhibited during the treasonous French Vichy government.