Islamic money talks and Europe listens
Islamic money talks and Europe listens

Air France’s case is sad and surreal. The airline asked the hostess staff to “wear pants, a roomy jacket and a scarf covering the hair” when flying the Paris-Tehran line that will reopen on April 17.

Similar news comes from the Netherlands. “The employees should not wear a skirt or a dress above the knee” reads a directive for civil servants in Nieuw West, one of the largest districts of Amsterdam and one of the areas most populated by Muslims.

Meanwhile, Europe’s fashion market, with firms such as Marks & Spencer’s, Uniqlo and Dolce & Gabbana, opened their fashion departments to the Muslim concepts of “modesty," developing Islamically correct clothes.

According to Reuters, in 2013 Muslims spent 266 billion dollars in clothing. And the figure could reach 484 billion by 2019. An economic bonanza for an aging and senile Europe. And the Iranian regime is not the only buyer.

The Emir of Qatar Al-Thani, who has cultivated the lie of  being a pro-Western reformist, has promised to “spare no effort” to spread the teachings of Islam in the world. So he bought Volkswagen, Porsche, Hochtief, Italian fashion house Valentino, pieces of the financial district of Canary Wharf in Europe doesn’t have any convictions today. It is left with just hedonism and greed.
London, the football club Paris St. Germain and oil giant Total.

And what about the Italian Alitalia-Etihad airline?

The problem is not capitalism and the free movement of capital. The problem is that the Islamic world uses this vast sea of ​​money to subjugate us and limit our freedom.

This is why, when Iran increased the bounty on the head of Salman Rushdie, Europe stood completely silent.

This is why, when Iran’s Rohani was visiting Rome to secure 2 billion trade deals with Europe’s companies, the Italian government covered the ancient nude statues.

A few voices in France have now protested against this shameful appeasement to barbarity. France’s Minister for Family and Women’s Affaire, Laurence Rossignol, said women who wear Islamic clothing are like “American Negros who supported slavery.” The philosopher and women’s rights activist, Elizabeth Badinter, called on women to boycott European labels that sell Islamic clothing. “Forget the mullah. Have some convictions!” added the co-founder of fashion house Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Bergé.

Unfortunately, Europe doesn’t have any convictions today. It is left with just hedonism and greed. And Islam will enter through Europe’s back door.

Will the mullahs one day also manage to cover the faces and the bodies of Europe’s secularized women?