Who's to blame?
Who's to blame?

On Monday, March 25, 2016 the United Nations Human Rights Council discussed five resolutions about Israel. It was a tight schedule that lasted from 09:00 to 15:00, focusing on alleged human rights violations such as mistreatment of women, xenophobia, children’s rights, torture and others.

The next day suicide bomber terrorists killed 31 people in Brussels with nail bombs, the nails inserted in order to enhance their wounding ability compared to regular bombs. The terrorists followed the ideology of ISIS, because ISIS is not an actual state with borders, but an ideology without borders and limits, with tens of thousands of active and hundreds of thousands of passive supporters in the West.

Eliminating Israel and Judaism is just one point on the wishlist of Islamists. 
So the UNHRC was given homework: there was a horrific terrorist attack in the capital of Europe. What next? Guess what, two days later, on March 24, they finally dealt with the most important issue facing the committee:  they voted to compile an annually updated blacklist of Israeli and international companies that conduct business in Judea and Samaria. That same day, the UN Commission on the Status of Women passed a resolution blaming Israel (not Islam) for the mistreatment of Palestinian women.

In the meantime, on the same day, during a live TV broadcast from the scene of the deadly terror attack in Belgium, a woman wearing a hijab simply removed an Israeli flag, tore it up and hid it away from the flags that were placed there in solidarity.

Once again tens of thousands of people are changing their profile pictures on social media to show solidarity, driving them into the illusion that they really care. Once again the iconic buildings are lit with the colors of a European country’s flag that has been wounded by terror. Once again the European politicians are talking in future mode about not letting terror prevail and trying to show strength and sturdiness, and once again the UN is occupied with putting the blame on Israel while Al Jazeera and Islamic news portals and websites, NGO-s and other organizations are busy publishing reports about the increasing Islamophobia in Europe and the United States. Looks like nothing has changed.

Who is to blame for what happened in Belgium and what will happen for sure again in the near future in either France, Britain, Belgium or Germany? How can Israel be blamed for violating human rights and for the stalemate of the “peace process” that never was a real peace process?

Let’s just take two events of the last weeks into consideration:

  • Is Israel to blame for the fact that 36 years after the normalization between Israel and Egypt went into effect, Tawfiq Okasha, an Egyptian MP was met with anger in the Egyptian Parliament after having a friendly dinner and conversation with Haim Koren, Israeli ambassador to Egypt? The MP was even ousted from the Parliament and let’s hope that this is the worst that happens to him. On the other side of the border, the Egyptian ambassador to Israel was met by his Israeli hosts with a warm welcome.

  • Is Israel to blame for the ongoing pressure on the Jordanian regime from its own people to cancel the peace treaty with Israel while the Jordanian economy is clearly profiting from the peace treaty and ordinary Jordanians are looking for jobs in Eilat because they are facing massive unemployment at home?

Instead of focusing on the radicalization of now-third generation immigrants in Europe, the main agenda of the UN is still Israel.

And make no mistake, nothing will change. But at least we get what we expect when the United Arab Emirates, Cuba, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are members of the UNHRC.

It is really hard to decide which is the more hypocritical behavior on the part of the UN:  passing resolutions for “violating human rights” against the only country that guarantees freedom for its citizens in a region where hundreds of thousands are being killed and millions are fleeing, or voting to blacklist the companies that conduct business in a territory that never was part of any Arab state, one day after Arab terrorists massacred 31 people in the capital of Europe. 

Before criticizing Israel one should think about what could be the interest of Israel. Recently the Israeli ambassador to Egypt said in an interview about security cooperation (between Egypt and Israel) that “Egypt’s biggest enemy today is terrorism – Hamas in Gaza and the Islamic State in the Sinai. There is no chance that we will act against Egypt. It is in Israel’s interest that Egypt develops and succeeds.”

Actually it is in Israel’s interest for the whole Arab world to develop and succeed and it is in the whole world’s interest to understand the motivation of radical Islam. Eliminating Israel and Judaism is just one point on the wishlist of Islamists. 

Europe will not be safe no matter how many UN resolutions they support against Israel or how many millions of dollars they pour into NGO-s whose only goal is to delegitimize and destroy Israel. The fact is, that after analyzing the events culled from the latest years, we can easily come to the conclusion that Europe is not anti-Israel because of its fear of Islam but rather because of its ignorance and naivete. More and more people will pay with their lives for this naivete.