Playing the Trump card: Will Donald be good for the Jews?
Playing the Trump card: Will Donald be good for the Jews?

I’ve supported Donald Trump since he announced his candidacy as U.S. President and have even been in touch with his campaign managers with suggestions for his campaign, some of which were used.

However, one suggestion has been intentionally ignored by his handlers and frankly I may not vote at all in the coming election because I considered Trump the only choice in a field of self-serving politicos, because he has his own money and supposedly isn’t beholden to special interests.

The simple truth is Trump has been touting he is a good Christian, and a Presbyterian in particular, but this is why he may be the ultimate danger to Israel and the Jewish people..

The Presbyterian Synod is one of the key leaders of the  the Christian BDS movement against Israel. Not all Presbyterians are anti-Israel, but a faction of ISM activists took over the Synod and voted to support the BDS boycott and also the New Theology that tries to replace the Jews with the

What his supporters don’t know is that Trump has hotels in the Arab world, particularly one in Abu Dhabi.
Palestinians. These are whacko leftists but they nevertheless control the Synod in the truest Alinsky fashion.

The Synod voted two years ago to withdraw the endorsement for BDS but this faction took control again last year. The BDS advocates were ecstatic when the Synod announced BDS against Israel was reinstated, managing to pass by only one vote.

I wrote Trump’s campaign staff and urged them to have Donald denounce the BDS activities of the Synod without attacking the Church itself. He could have said “I’m a Presbyterian but I do not support the BDS movement against Israel and the Jews in the US and  think the Church needs to stop it.”

When I sent this message I also pointed out that Republican flacks were always assuming Jews would vote democratic for Hillary, but if Donald condemned these BDS acts he would in fact draw Jewish voters to the Republican party, in addition to doing what is the right thing to do. I was ignored.

Trump then met with AIPAC and made what I can only construe as anti-Semitic statements to the Jews there. He said Jews are good negotiators (you know, those "crafty Jews") and that they would probably be disappointed because they cannot buy him with “all their money.” The message? Donald cannot be bought by special interests, even the Jews, whom he placed in that category.

It also was a statement reminiscent of the old corporate boardroom where discussions about Jewish lawyers and other "crafty Jews" could be heard in private. One can imagine Trump, who always speaks his mind even if his comments are based on ignorance or hearsay (remember his General Pershing and the use of pig fat tale? That urban legend grew out of a 1936 movie called the Real Glory that starred Gary Cooper).

While Donald’s remarks struck me a typical boardroom anti-Semitism he has probably heard bantered about his whole corporate life, it has its foundation in traditional corporate anti-Semitism in US business. Today, corporate execs who are Jewish do intermarry with the children of gentile corporate leaders and nothing is said, but an underlying anti-Semitism still  exists.

The “Jews” these gentile children are wedded to are usually secular. Trump's daughter Ivanka married into an Orthodox Jewish family, but we do not know much about that and how it plays out.

If Donald denounced BDS in the Presbyterian Church Synod while still proclaiming he is a good Christian, he would garner Christian votes as well as those from Jews. He’d get my vote back right away. But his explanation for not doing this, that he “doesn’t want to take sides” in an imaginary peace deal because he still might negotiate peace between Arabs and Israelis is a sad joke.

The Palestinian side is the side of terrorists and murderers who have been given legitimacy by corrupt US and NATO politicians in both parties who have always tried to find favor with the Saudis. Trump, by being “even handed,” is in fact legitimizing Muslim and Arab murderers. He’s not stupid. He knows what happened when the Israelis left Gaza. If the terrorists get any part of Judea and Samaria they will shoot missiles into Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion airport. Trump knows this. He also knows the Arabs are not and never will negotiate in good faith.

Or does he?

What his supporters don’t know is that Trump has hotels in the Arab world, particularly one in Abu Dhabi. He won’t take sides because it’s bad for business. In this case the “special interest” is himself  and he values his hotels more than Trump steaks, water  or cufflinks.

Yesterday an American citizen, a tourist, was murdered, by PLO police (who are all terrorists in reality, most belonging to the Al Aksa Martyrs Brigade), yet Trump still won’t condemn Abbas who called the killer “a martyr.”  Trump’s willingness to look the other way isn’t ignorance—it’s hypocrisy. He says if Israel is attacked, “I’m there.”

Yeah, sure, Donald, like all your predecessors, including Obama, who promised to move the US embassy to Jerusalem and then, once elected, decided to be “even handed “with Arab terrorists.

It’s not too late for Donald to denounce BDS and say that although he’s proud to be a Presbyterian, he objects to what his church is doing, that it’s been hijacked by a radical faction of the ISM. He needs to demand Abbas imprison the killer of the US citizen murdered and that Abbas condemn terrorism against Jews.  He needs to bemoan how the BDS movement has taken over US college campuses. He also talks of taxpayer money wasted, but he has to object to US tax dollars paying salaries to Palestinian terrorists in Israeli jails for murdering Jews. Trump  needs to insist that Palestinian TV receive no more US tax dollars because it broadcasts incitement to murder Jews 24/7. 

Taking an “even handed approach” is self-serving. I expect that from the Bush family, not Donald Trump. Interesting also, is the fact that Jeb Bush came out against BDS and said the US government needs to stop it. 

It’s not too late for Donald Trump to do the right thing, but the clock is ticking away. And Donald, Jews may be stupid at times, but we’re not that stupid.