Israel's worst existential threat - and it is not a nuclear Iran
Israel's worst existential threat - and it is not a nuclear Iran

It’s no secret. Israel’s existence is fully dependent on US political and material support. Had a future US administration joined forces with the BDS movement, or worse, grown to be its trail blazer, Israel would not have been able to hold up to its economic growth, defense needs, or even its own survival. Good relationships with the US Administration are essential to the survival of the Jewish State. Period!

Numerous Israel supporters, including Israeli leaders and ordinary citizens of the state would agree with the statement above, but would dismiss it as unrealistic. “This will never happen,” they will say about a potentially hostile US Administration, “Not to worry. Did you watch the latest GOP presidential debate?” The unconcerned “cool” folks will corroborate their argument by pointing to the candidates’ heated edicts regarding their devotion to Israel’s security and economy. They will reinforce their position by pointing to the candidates’ seeming unbounded support and wide-ranging amity to the only true Middle Eastern democratic ally of the US.

“Nice try, but no cigar,” they will write off my opening statement, leaning back in their seat, flashing out a conspiratorial smirk, like -- “keep amusing me.”

Ignoring approaching dangers, only because the skies are blue at the moment, is like enjoying a hot, tasty cappuccino in a New Orleans outdoor café, paying no heed to the advancing Hurricane Katrina.  But the giant storm is swinging in our direction, and its destructive force could be a thousand times worse than Katrina’s, should nothing be done to stand in its way when it’s still young and vulnerable.

Some of the early warning signs, forecasting the incoming storm, have been stated recently in an excellent article by my friend, Dr. Motti Kedar, in this publication.

Dr. Kedar has pointed to the epic intensification of anti-Israel and the resulted anti-Semitism flooding US and Canadian university campuses, led and steered by imported Muslim activists. He exposed the hypocrisy, guiding young leftist Jews, in general, and a J-Street co-founder, Daniel Levy, in particular, who claimed, as depicted in this video, that “if Arabs keep rejecting the Jewish State, perhaps Israel is not a good idea.” To that I’d respond that if anti-Semites keep rejecting and hating Jews like Daniel Levy, maybe it’s time for Mr. Levy to convert to Islam and be accepted by those who agree with his defeatist statement. Perhaps, Mr. Levy, your being Jewish is not such a good idea.

Nonetheless, for the time being, students at university campuses may not pose an existential threat to the Jewish State, but they may represent a more wide-spread resentment toward Israel, an antipathy that could potentially have metastasized into the heart and mind of an entire generation of young people across the US.  And if true, then red lines have been crossed.

The present young generation will not stay young forever. These people will grow older and will gradually be replacing the older generation. Eventually, they will develop into the majority, and politicians will find it necessary to cater for them, or worse, crop up from among them, pushing their ascent all the way to the White House. And once that adversity transpires, the Jewish State will witness growing hostility, blended with mounting aggression towards it. What’s more, since Israel-haters and other anti-Semites do not know which Jew supports Israel, they will presume any Jew to be a suspect, thus bringing about a significant rise in anti-Semitism, just like what has been taking place on university campuses today.

It’s a statistical detail that correlates growing Islamization with mounting anti-Semitism, not only on American and Canadian university campuses, but also across the entire European continent. Muslims have been successful in spreading their venom of Jew-hatred across the political left. Deceitful propaganda portraying Israel as an apartheid state, delegitimizing it and dehumanizing its Jewish population has become a politically-correct means for consenting to anti-Semitism.

It has been spreading like a vaccine-lacking deadly virus under the Muslim-charged BDS movement. It has been penetrating political thinking of the center-left, furthermore influencing US Administration policy. Former President Jimmy Carter is one example, some high level officials within the

The state of Israel must divert significant resources to the fight against BDS and its influence as if it were Nuclear Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, or Abdul Nasr’s Egypt.
Obama Administration consist of another. Former and present presidential candidates have expressed worrisome opinions regarding their treatment of Israel once they take hold of the Oval Office. This is not a nightmare, from which you eventually wake up; it’s a potential cataclysmic reality.

Recent attempts by conservative Christian politicians to protect religious freedom, insisting that Christians who refuse service to “sinners”--like those classified as openly LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, By, Transgender)—are acting within their rights, may soon see their position backfire. In no time, Sharia-practicing Muslims will employ the religious freedom argument when beating their wives, practicing pedophilia, refusing to abide by the American constitution and the law of the land, as it contradicts the laws of the 7th century Arabian desert, as well as discriminating against Jews while practicing aggressive anti-Semitism as commanded by the Qu'ran.

Israel and Jews in general are facing a potential anti-Semitic storm of epic proportions. And it’s on its way to American towns and streets unless it is broken off before it grows to be unstoppable. It’s time to act, and act forcefully. The state of Israel must divert significant resources to the fight against BDS and its influence as if it were Nuclear Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, or Abdul Nasr’s Egypt.

Israel must lobby Congress to declare war on BDS, to boycott the boycotters, to punish them, to make them abandon their anti-Semitic conduct. Israel must support and even help push forward an agenda that limits immigration of Muslims to the US, since, as I have shown earlier, growing Islamization goes hand in hand with mounting anti-Semitism.

On the positive end, Israel must work hard to transform its distorted image from an occupier to a fighter for its survival. The Jewish state should strive to be perceived as an underdog, as a David rather than an ugly Goliath. Israel should convey a message to the world: “The reasons for staying in Judea, Samaria and the Golan Heights are not [only] legal, biblical, messianic or even historic. The reason is deeply rooted in the need for security, in the need for survival. Losing control over these territories will bring about an existential threat to the Jewish state and its Jewish population who confront a stormy sea of Arabs and non-Arab Muslims (not limited to Palestinian Arabs) seeking its destruction.”

The message above may not embrace all other justifications for Israel's maintaining these territories, an "occupation" that so many in the world perceive as being illegal. However, it is the only one that may contribute to an image transformation. And once the message is absorbed by the political leadership and the world masses, it may weaken the main argument behind the BDS recruiting effort. It will embolden Israel’s defenders; it will, at the same time, weaken those who want to see the Jewish State wiped off the map. It will lessen Israel’s existential threat.