Is UK's conversion to Islam a joke? Maybe not
Is UK's conversion to Islam a joke? Maybe not

Boys might like to fantasize about their conversion to Islam. Girls, perhaps, a bit less. A high school in England, Les Beauchamps in Guernsey, asked twelve-year-old students to imagine their conversion to Islam. The parents have not taken it very well and protested, but officials of the Education Ministry defended the initiative: “The program for religious education includes a framework to ensure that Christianity and the other five major religions (Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Sikhism) are studied in depth”.

The weekly magazine The Spectator wonders what this means. The answer is that it is already happening. 5,000 Britishers a year embrace Islam. The imams’ call to prayer is rising up on the roofs in the English industrial suburbs and 100 Courts of Sharia are acting outside the common law, but within the cities. The churches are used as nightclubs or mosques.

A Brave New World.

The decline of the Church of England is one of the most amazing trends in Britain. "2030: the year in which England has ceased to be a Christian nation," headlined the Daily Mail. The Church of England is dying, it loses the faithful, churches and public spaces. Within a decade will be delivered into insignificance.

In 2020 the members of the English Church will be just 680,000, compared to today's 800,000 and 5 million in 1979. Meanwhile, Islam advances in the UK: the Muslims have just become three million. In some parts of London, half the population is already Muslim. They call it multiculturalism!

Four government departments (Work and Pensions, Treasury, Revenue and Customs, Ministry of Interior) have recognized polygamy.
A few years ago, during the Danish cartoon crisis, the playwright Simon Gray attacked the director of the National Theatre, Nicholas Hytner, asserting that he would host Jerry Springer but he would never mock Muslims in a play. He was right.

The National Youth Theatre censored the play “Homegrown” about the radicalization of British Muslims who go to fight with ISIS in Syria or Iraq. It is not the first time that sharia, and its favorite ally, the cowardice of the élite, decided what should go on stage in the theaters of London.

Director Richard Bean has been forced to censor an adaptation of Aristophanes and his “Lysistrata” comedy, in which the women of Greece hold a sex strike to stop their men who want to go to war. In Bean’s original version, the Islamic virgins strike to stop the suicide bombers.

And “Tamerlane”'s Christopher Marlowe was censored at the Barbican Theatre under the direction of David Farr. The purified version did not include the scene where the protagonist burns the Koran.

In 1996, Prince Charles, heir to the English throne, said: “The materialist West has much to learn from Islam”. It seems that in London, for once, they have taken him seriously. The Bank of England just opened its doors to Islamic finance, while three government buildings in London are now ruled by sharia, because these palaces have been transfered to Islamic investors.

Four government departments (Work and Pensions, Treasury, Revenue and Customs, Ministry of Interior) have recognized polygamy. Sharia is becoming as British as fish and chips.

Meanwhile, Israeli students are treated like enemies in the UK universities.

Will imam Anjem Choudary, who calls for establishing a British caliphate, be called to give lectures on ethics at the House of Lords?