Élites are more dangerous to Israel than Islam
Élites are more dangerous to Israel than Islam

Penning an article for the Financial Times, historian Simon Schama, a liberal belonging to the establishment, writes that “the problem of the left with the Jews has a long and unfortunate history” and that “criticism of Israeli government policies became a rejection of Israel’s right to exist”. Schama then asks: “Why is it so much easier to hate the Jews?”

This is an article that should be sent to all those intellectuals, journalists, writers, academics who for years, every day, in Italy and the West, demonized the Jewish State. The good people on the left who feel that it is natural, even just, that Israel suffers offenses to its territory and to its own people. An appeal from Italian professors to boycott Israel has just reached 328 signatures. 

Yet there was a time when Leftist writers even visited Israel as a gesture of solidarity. A great novelist from Eastern Europe, the Czech Ladislav Mnacko, a Communist, a hero of Slovak resistance, “the red Hemingway”, at the outbreak of the war between Israel and the Arab states in 1967, dissented from the positions of the Soviet Union and likened Israel to Czechoslovakia’s fate under Nazi aggression. Mnacko was expelled from the Schama: “Why is it so much easier to hate the Jews?”
Writers’ Association; he responded by emigrating to Israel. He was stripped of Czechoslovak citizenship. An intellectual hero. There are  no more like him.

Israel knows how to deal with terrorists from Gaza, Judea and Samaria, Lebanon and Sinai. The IDF is powerful and brave enough to defeat and stop any menace and threat, except for Iran’s nuclear bombs. What Israel is not able to defeat is the global Left’s attempt to undermine Israel’s rights over the holy land and to defend itself.

Israel can be attacked from south to north, from east to west, and survive the onslaught. But Israel cannot be permitted to become a pariah state, a rogue state, a clandestine state which people talk about with shame, as if it is a state poisoning the Mediterranean’s waters.

That’s why Mr. Shama is right. Because the global élites’ campaign to turn Israel into a temporary and illegitimate enclave is more dangerous than Al Qaeda and Iranian weapons.

To use the definition that August Babel gave for anti-Semitism, supporting Israel’s enemies at all costs and without reservations is the new “socialism of idiots”.